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Gestational diabetes

Sadly I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, they've put me on metformin which is making me feel quite ill. I'm glad they caught it, but disappointed as it means I will not have the normal birth I was hoping for. I was really hoping for a water birth, but they will now most likely induce me early so I give birth to 'normal' sized baby. They are sending me for a growth scan at 36 weeks where they will make the decision on whether they will induce me early or book me in for a c-section. Has anyone else had this?
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I had GD in my last pregnancy and have it again with this one.  Once you have it, the chances of getting it again in subsequent pregnancies is high as is your chance of developing Type II diabetes in the future (10-15 years).  

From what I"ve been told, so long as your blood sugars are well managed, the baby shouldn't grow too big.  They do, however, like to induce you early just to make sure it's not too big in which case you'll need a c-section for the safety of the baby.  

I was induced in my first pregnancy at 39 weeks.  He was 6 pounds 12 ounces.  I responded quickly to the medication.  My labour lasted a total of 12 hours, from the first contraction to birth.  4 pushes and he was out.  Labour did come on fast & furious so I did get an epidural.  No other complications.  As soon as the baby is delivered, no more GD, though you should be followed afterwards to make sure you don't have Type II diabetes.

For this pregnancy, I will also be induced, probably between 38 and 39 weeks.  I have been having growth scans for a number of weeks now.  My blood sugars have been relatively good.  I take insulin to manage it which doesn't make me feel sick at all.  In fact, I don't feel anything.  According to my last u/s, which was yesterday, I'm 35 weeks and the baby is estimated to weigh 6 pounds 9 ounces.  I thought this was big, but my OB was very happy with the weight and felt that I won't need a c-section as he's only expected to gain another 2 pounds over the next couple of weeks.  She was VERY optimistic.  

The other risk factor of not controlling blood sugars is that the baby will have difficulties managing their own blood sugars once the cord is cut which can mean something as innocuous as requiring a shot of formula up to being in the NICU for an IV in more serious cases.  My firstborn needed a shot of formula and then was fine.  I am very pro-breastfeeding and didn't want him to have the formula, but the threat of the NICU influenced our decision to agree to the treatment.

You can lower your chances of having a c-section (i.e., a big baby) by maintaining consistent blood sugar levels through medication, a healthy diet and exercise.

I was afraid of being induced and felt disappointment at not getting the experience of going into labour myself.  But when it comes down to it, it's all about getting the baby out safe & sound.  
Despite being induced with my firstborn, they started discussing a c-section while I was in labour for other reasons -- his heartrate fluctuated and they were concerned that the cord was wrapped around his neck.  This had nothing to do with GD and could happen to anyone.  My friend did not have GD, but the baby was big and her shoulders got stuck.  They were able to get the baby out but she was pretty close to having a c-section.  Another woman I know had a normal labour, but the baby did get stuck.  They tried a c-section, but the baby was so stuck that they had to do a t-section.  Don't look that one up...  Again, no GD.  My other friend had no GD but when she finally went into labour they discovered that she had low fluid and so they had to induce her to get the baby out in a timely manner; otherwise, c-section.

There are so many reasons for a c-section.  GD only puts you at a higher probability if the baby gets too big but this can usually be managed through medication, diet and exercise.  I'm not certain, but I think that induction is the recommended delivery method to lower the risk of having to do a c-section.

Having been induced once, and having heard lots of other women's birth stories, I think that being induced a second time is not that bad.  Maybe it's not the ideal birth experience you were hoping for, but for me, it's low on the list of complicated deliveries.  

I'm so sorry to hear that the medication makes you feel sick.  On the bright side, we don't have much time left!  Best of luck and I hope you get used to the medication.  Maybe if it's really bad you could ask for an alternative (not sure of your situation or what the options might be, if any).

Take care.
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Thanks very much, that was really informative and has made me feel a lot more at ease about the whole situation. My body seems to be settling into the Metformin, I think the dose is quite high, so it made me quite sick, but I seem to be adjusting to it.

You are quite right, whatever I need to do to keep this precious little bundle safe I will, so if it means induction or c-section or a shot of formula, so be it. Can't believe how close it is now...! At my growth scan next week (36week) they will let me know their decision. Hopefully they will let me go to 39 weeks like they did you before inducing me. I am keeping the blood sugars under control now that I am on the right dose of medication, and I do find when I do a lot of walking that seems to bring my sugars back down as well without the medication (that was what I was doing before they put me on this high dose of metformin) I will continue with the walking though, as I know it is better to be fitter for the labour.

Thanks again, and let me know how you go with your GD and what they decide to do in terms of the induction.

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Just thought I'd let you know, ive been booked in for an induction on the 27th of April...so now instead of a May baby I will be having an April baby!! Eek! Scary but exciting, just two weeks from today I might be holding my precious little bundle if the induction goes according to plan.....
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