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Hows every1 doing??

Im prob one of the last of this forum in due date being due may 28th :) right at end month. Those of you who dont know its my 3rd baby but 1st boy.
This pregnnacy for me has been a night mare from word go, i had chronic morn sickness till about 27weeks i had problems from 9w-19w with serious bleeding from hemorrages, and since about 18w i have been suffering from severe pubic symphasis so have been in so much pain.
All drs/midwifes thought my wee man would come early but he has hung in there :) im now 38+2 still hoping he comes early.
I am planning my birth as a home water birth will be my 1st home birth also 1st water birth/ drug free

I am getting really impatient now i really just want him out but i dont wanna go thru the labour that part scares me lol..
12days to go now going by our time difference medhelp is 1 days behind ours :)
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Oh my goodness..I'm so sorry you have been though so much..I hope you were able to enjoy some part of your pregnancy! I'm due in FOUR days..I just pray I don't go over my due date..this is my first pregnancy..its a girl and her name is Savanna! I hope your little one decides to make his grand entrance SOON!
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I got to full term with both my girls #1 was 41+4 weeks #2 was 40w exactly so theres chances i could go over due. Awww good luck 4days isnt long.
Actually no i havent enjoyed any of this pregnancy at all horrible ay, I think the only time i even remotally enjoyed being pregnant was when i found out lol.
Its our anniversary tomoro so we were kind of hoping it would happen tonight what a blessing that would be to celebrate our anniversary and our sons bdae every year.
We are calling our son Fabian.
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Yes 4 days isn't long but it feels like forever away..I haven't had a lot of problems with this pregnancy but I wouldn't say I enjoyed a whole lot of it..I just can't wait to hold my little girl! I  hope you have you're little one soon..happy early anniversary!! :)
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i know how that feels its always the last 10 weeks thta drags even more so when you get down to a few weeks lol.. im counting down im down to 1w 4d yay :) and thanks we are going out for dinner tonight so hopefully little bubba doesnt interupt that lol
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I hope you have a nice evening out. I'm due the 24th so it might be you and I here at the end! :)
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sounds like it kos alot of the women who were due close to us have had there babies early lol..... well least i wont be here alone lol
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Our first came on her due date but late babies run in my family!
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Hasd midwife yesterday im due in 8 days now but looks like im not getting very far. baby was 3/5 head down last week is now only 1/5 down barely where hes meant to be and is posterior :( he wont move so i may end up facing c section yet :( midwife has given me a rocking chair to use to try help move him, but if that doesnt work then i dont know what happens :(
Theyve estimated his weight at 9lb already as he cant stay in there to long i dont want him putting on more weight. Im feeling really depressed
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I was due may 29th but my daughter followed suit and was born at 37 weeks and 2 days just like her two sisters before her :) thankfully too since we move this week across the country! To va! I hope you have an easy delivery!
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oh well congrats i wish mine had come early lol.... delivery isnt looking so good atm i may end up having to c section  yet if he doesnt turn :( 1w to go today yay :)
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sooo since last night ive had contractions 1hr apart this morn it got worse 10min aoart but not real apinful yet i hope this is it
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any one else had bubs yet?
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