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any on else having strang cravings that doesnt go away of food u dont usually like

im 14 weeks 3rd child since about week 8 ive had cravings for pickles weird kos would eat in a subway sandwhich or mcds burgers before hand but wasnt a big fan. now every day i have to have them or i get withdrawals. i eat them in sandwhichs on crackers just open the fridge and eat them out the jar and when i go to subway i make them put heaps in not just like 10 or 15 heaps... i know its normal to carve stuff but has any one else got a ONE craving thats stuck like that?
with my 2nd pregnancy my craving was hashbrowns beans and spring rolls i had the same dinner everynight for 3months last lot my pregnancy wonder if this happens again with something else
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Yes I always want ramen noodles and I've never liked them before but now I eat them everyday.
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its funny that taste for stuff changes when pregnant like ive never eaten seafood i hate the smell of it now im craving fish although i wont eat it kos i dont like it lol
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yes...I usually can't stand ranch dressing and with this pg I put it on fries which I usually hate fried food and I can't stand fish fillets the breaded ones but I have 2 a wk. with ranch on them lol. i also crave d'angelos buffalo chicken wraps..mmmm
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It's funny - I don't really remember any from last time, except wanting a lot of citrus fruit near full term. This time, I've had so many food aversions, I would love to have *some* craving. Maybe I just haven't tried enough things.
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i have plenty things i randomly crave. but pickles is the 1 thing i want every day
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Lemonade.  I guess that's not really strange but I usually don't drink it unless its summertime.  
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I'm craving boiled eggs.... I could eat 10 a day and not get annoyed ! ...
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wow interesting hwta people eat when pregnant and amounts also
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I never eat chili but I gotta have it with everythng an I mean everythng! I am 14 weeks pg too
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Im 15 weeks 1 day and all i want is lemons, lol. sitting here typing it makes my mouth water. i can eat them like apples
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The only weird thing I wanted was Chipotle, that burrito mexican resturant. I've never eaten there, but I  haven't have any off the wall cravings. My friends tell me that I'll be craving weird things, but I also heard if I haven't craved anything weird yet, I'll probably just crave regular things. I kinda want weird cravings, I'm not sure why, but I want to see what weird things my body can come up with.
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I've had different cravings throughout the pregnancy but nothing that stuck around. Around 7 or 8 weeks I was craving fresh lemons and ice chips for 2 weeks straight. I also couldn't drink anything unless it was ice cold or very hot. If it wasn't hot or cold I would end up vomiting. I also craved ramon noodles for a week or two. Luckily all that went away. I do crave subs from subway the turkey ones and Bacon ranch salads from McDonald's. Chocolate and vanilla frosty from Wendy's is another big one throughout the pregnancy and their tries with cheese sauce.
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