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lookin for advice!!

I feel really stupid posting this  question, well more for advice.

I had my daughter on 21st may
It was quite a traumatic birth, after having  to b induced, then it resulting  in a emergency c-section.
in the end  got a beautiful baby daughter.

Then 4 days later, i got infection in my scar.

its been a bit of rough ride with  my daughter.
she has got really bad reflux, (which  she wasn't really putting th weight om) eczema, and a cow's milk allergy.

Took 4 months to get given gavison to  put in  her milk.
5 months -we are finally  seeing a skin specialist

And i am single  parent, yes i got amazing  support

i know i shouldnt b moaning, because  you have a beautiful daughter, etc, etc

But just feel everything  got on top.of me, and spose feel trapped, and i dont wanna burden people  with my problems.

this is th first Time, i have written it all down, and told people how i feel!

Lookin for advice really?
i am stuggling to get over th birth, and with every think that's happened, Feel like i can't catch  a break.
any advice  to how to move on?

thanks in advance☺☺

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