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hubby problem: i feel like im going to burst

i dont know if its just me being too emotional & insecure!
so my husband went to LA from SD with his friends on presidents day. he said they will just pick up his friend's shoes. they left at 9:30am, he said they should leave early so they can go back early as well. he never txted me what theyre doin or where they at the whole day. around 7pm i checked our bank account and found out they went to this place, cafe lu where servers wear thong/tback, bra & high heels. probably good looking body as what ive searched on google. he said its just a coffee/boba place and hang out to play cards..
but thats so stupid! they came from baldwin park, ca and traveled more than 30 miles just to be in cafe lu santa ana,ca.
guys wont travel to that place just for a coffee/boba!! i even found out that some girls can sit and chat with you when u wanted to. there's a lot of coffee/boba places better & nearer than cafe lu! im so freakin pissed! i feel like he's cheating on me. it may not be physically but emotionally! we dont make love anymore bcoz he said he's scared. ive been seeing his ipad that he always watch porn which is kinda makin me feel insecure but i have to accept it coz wer not making love. but going to that place and his reason is just for boba? thats stupid! i cant help but to cry! i feel bad for my baby. as if his dad doesnt care about us.
he ended up arriving home around 10pm. which is not early than i thought.
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he even compared that place to hooter servers. which made me feel angry. atleast hooters have their own uniform but that cafe lu doesnt! like literally underwear/ lingerie with heels on!
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Talk to your husband about how it makes you feel when he goes to places like that. I would be upset too. It's disrespectfull towards you for him to go there.
Hope it gets better. :(
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Oh, and btw, you're not being insecure for not wanting your husband to gawk, flirt, and lust over other women. It's you having enough respect for yourself knowing that you deserve better. I can't stand that bull crap lie people tell women.
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I wouldn't have a husband anymore cause he'd be dead.. Lol.. Seriously though just be vocal about it. Tell him you're carrying his kidand you ddon't appreciate him gocking over other woman when he's to scared to "take care" of the one he's got. I'm pissed for you girl friend I wish you luck. Go to a male strip club to eat steak and ask him how it feels.
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Your reaction is completely understandable and he shouldn't be acting like this ever if he respects you. You need to talk to him calmly, find out why he needs to do these type of things and see how you can help satisfy his needs. Pregnancy is a strange time for couples and it is very easy for one to feel neglected, disrespected or left out. You need to talk about your expectations and ways of preventing each other feeling unwanted.
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I too get very jealous now more than ever but it's my self esteem that's lacking! My husbands best friend has sent him messages with porn in them and I confronted immediately and I must admit not so calmly! We've been married for 20 years this March and honestly the payback idea doesn't work... You should explain how this makes you feel and ask him how he'd feel if you did something similar? I agree with the pleasuring one another in alternative ways! You can make love without actual intercourse. Be creative and give him attention that he seems to be lacking. Good luck
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