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Baby is a little stinker! <3

Oh my word. You guys would not believe what happened to me yesterday.
I was walking down the hall (at work) to grab some files, minding my own business when all of the sudden I feel the little tyke press down on my bladder and made me pee my pants! I had waddle into the bathroom finish peeing grab some toilet paper and tell my boss I was leaving for the day. LOL Little stinker! My hubby got a kick out of it! :D Luckily it wasn't TOO bad so it was still kinda funny. :)

How is everyone doing? We can say we are due next month! :D
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The same thing happened to me two nights ago.  I was at a family dinner, I started laughing a low and behold started peeing.  I feel like I have no control over my body anymore.
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hehehe Luckily the time it happen to me i was still at home and getting ready. I was brushing my teeth and hubby said something to me...i laughed and well peed my underwear, good thing i wasnt wearing my clothes yet :)
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LOL I did that too. My sister's made me laugh SO hard I peed a little (It was at night in our hotel room when I was in California a few weeks ago). But its just I wasn't laughing or anything..just walking! Is it wrong to call a tiny, little, sweet baby a ****? HA HA! :D I love him so freakin much!
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I was reading on the couch to my daughter about a month ago and had to sneeze and peed my pants and the couch. My hubby was appauled!! (In a funny way)  My daughter who is 6 of course told everyone "My mom peed the couch"  Gotta love explaining that!!!  We are due next month- AHHHH!!!!    
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Glad everyone is peeing well. I have had some close calls. We have all come a long way and I am glad that everyone is doing lovely. God Bless you all.
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I have to pee every single time I stand up!!  I have gone through so much toilet paper!!!!
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LOL I have to go everytime I stand up too and being a teacher, it makes things difficult- I also have had an accident myself, but mine was at home and just a little bit.  How is everyone sleeping at night?  Are the kicks getting less and less like the say or is your little one still at it?  My little guy still hits and kicks all night long!
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LOL I'm so looking forward to the less and less kick, cos it hasn't happened for me, the wee thing, men, it's really crazy, i go like every 5 min and i get so hot that i drink a lot of water which makes it all worse, i try not to laugh too hard cos I've heard of the peeing in the pants syndrome, so far no episodes, excepts sometimes I've had DH park the car at odd places so i can pee at the nearest eatery!
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yayyyy!  u can say that again girl, we're due next month!
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Alright ladies, are we not doing our Kegel exercises????  I have been doing mine and I havent had the luxury of peeing on my self yet, lol.  My doc had me start them at the very beginning.  Just remember KEGEL's!!  Good luck to you all, And thank god we only have a MONTH LEFT!!!!  I cant wait!!
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I wasn't aware the T U R D was blocked! LOL silly.
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I have done the Kegels but sometimes when they get down LOW nothing can stop it
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