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On demand parenting

I am still feeding Fionn on demand and finding it very hard to schedule anything. I cant even have a meal without having to feed him at the same time.Also he doesnt take long naps during the day,although he sleeps well at night he is 15 weeks now.Is anyone else having issues like this?
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I am a very scheduled person and even since Evan is my second child I have managed to get him on the same schedule as my first son. I love it because it is so predictable. Wakes up at 8 (eats and plays)
Nap from 10-12
Eats at 12 and plays
Nap from 2-4
Eats at 4  and plays
Take a short cat nap from 6-6:30
Plays from 6:30-8:00
Eats at 8:00
Bath at 8:30 then bedtime around 9
Sleeps all night!

If you really want a solid sleeping and eating schedule. I recommend the book "Baby Wise." It tells you how to achieve that. The key is at his age is to move away from demand feeding so you help his body develop a breakfast, lunch and dinner feeding time similar to your own in preparation for solids. You can be as flexible as you want with the information in the book. I just took what info I wanted from it to create a schedule that worked best for our family. Yes...I nudged my children to this schedule but I CERTAINLY did NOT force it. I wanted a solid, predicatble schedule but I did not want to be too rigid and unbending. Good luck

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I am also having issues. Mostly at night though...or if Ian is with DH. The last few days he has started crying (for no other reason than being REALLY tired) around 6:30 or 7:00 and finally calms down around 8:30-9:00 and sleeps about 6-7 hrs and wakes up to eat..eats 2 oz goes to sleep but wakes up every hour or so after that until I get up with him for the day (depends on how tired I am)

Jhh I am going to try to check that book and healthy sleeping habits, happy child, out from the library. I need help.

I semi demand feed. I feed him about every 3-4 hours during the day. Depending on if he seems hungry or not. Also I am trying to get him to eat more in one sitting so that he will go longer between feedings (so he'll sleep longer at night)

Good grief this is hard.
Well I better go to bed while I still can..lol :)
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M problem is that Fionn is hungry even after an hour of feeding.He is already 19lb.I know he is getting plenty of milk.I also think he is teething.I have tried putting him down for naps, but he wakes up after 5minutes,and I just cant leave him crying, it breaks my heart. We have are check up with the doctor next week, so I am going to see wht he suggests. I will look for the book you suggested.
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Have you started cereal?  My ped. says to start at 4 months if they are ready.  My friend has a baby one week older than mine and her baby is 18lb...he eats all of the time and our ped. told her to go ahead and up his cereal intake and start veggies.  EVERY baby is different!!!  My two are not ready for cereal..but her baby is starving so it is time to move on to other foods.  Your baby may be ready for cereal and veggies!!!!
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Do check out "Baby Wise" in addition to Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-by-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success". My advice is to pick out what info you want and go with it!!! Don't feel like to have to do it all BUT you must commit to working at it because it may involve some crying. He will not remember that you let him cry himself to sleep.

Also...do check into starting cereal. Your little guys may be totally ready. My first son began cereal at 3.5 months and now my youngest is almost 15 weeks and I think he is just about ready. Talk to the dr. It may be time.
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