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This is going to sound nuts but...

Ok. So I know this is going to sound nuts but my mother in law came over and watched Ian for a couple of hours while DH and I went to a movie (which was a total lifesaver btw)  but now it seems like he is mad at me for leaving. He wouldn't smile for me that night (only dh could get him to smile) and only smiled for me a couple of times today. Its unusual b/c he's such a happy baby and smiles ALL THE TIME normally. It hurts my heart. I don't know what's going on. Also he slept for a long time today, which was really nice but abnormal, he usually only catnaps during the day. Am I making something out of nothing?
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he could be going through a growth spurt.Fionn has done the same,sleeping literally all day.Also you have to remember, they will have off days like we do,its just that they cant tell you about it. I know it hurts you when you feel you have upset them, but he needs to get used to being away from you sometimes, if there was an emergency and you neeed to go somewhere he has to get comfortable with someone else looking after him.dont worry you are still being a good mum
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Thank you!
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The nap thing is very normal----my twins sometimes sleep for a long time and sometimes for a few short minutes.  

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