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anyone starting cereal early?

Our pediatrition said we would discuss it at Logan's 4 month check-up, but I've never met anyone who didn't start early. We have not given him any yet, just wondered what others were doing.
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I believe the recommendation is start it between 4-6 months....it depends on if your child is hungry or not.  If he has been sleeping through the night isn't anymore...etc...  I want to put it off as long as possible, but I will start it at 4 months if necessary.  We are doing "mixed drinks."  I am pumping and I do not get enough to fill two full bottles for the twins so we mix the bottles.  So far, it is keeping them full.....

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I probably won't start any solids until Landen is 6 months old - my peditrician recommends that - however I was told that if he is getting exclusive breastmilk to supplement with vitamin drops - b/c formula is fortified with vitamins and breastmilk isn't... so we give Landen vitamin drops on an almost daily basis (he doesn't like to take them)
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I wanted to start Timothy on Cereal since he eats alot and well is hungry every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I do both breastfeed and formula. He has had up to 8 ounces in one sitting, yeah like i said he is a hungry monster. Timothy at his 10 weeks check up was 13 pounds 10 ounces (last Tuesday). When i spoke to his pediatrician she said that now its not required to start giving them cereal, baby food or any solids till after 6 months. I had never heard of that, but i think im going to start him off with cereal at 3 months. We will see how that works out.  
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I give Santana cereal from time to time, I mix it with breast milk, I only do it when she has nursed both breast and is still hungry
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Fionn's pediatrician likes them to breastfeed only for 6months. but when I take him for his 4 month check up I am going to ask about solids. Fionn is now 17 1/2lb and he will be 14 weeks on tuesday. I have read that the best time to start them is 5-7 months because their digestive systems are still immature. It does vary on your child. Is Logan hungry all the time? If he is still satisfied with what he is getting and putting on weight I wouldnt worry about him.They still get most of their nutrients from breastmilk/formula until they are a year as far as I have been told.
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