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opinion on bottles

I am sure you have all heard recently about the concern regarding chemicals given off when plastic bottles are heated. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the subject and if anyone might be considering a switch back to good 'ol glass bottles (as my mom put it). i know it is increbily early to be thinking about these things but my cousin just sent me another e-mail on how they are finding toxic levels of chemicals given off from plastic drinking bottles and how depending on what number is on the bottom if you should only use it once or not at all. Just curious, anyone????
I am going to do a little web surfing to see what i can find out.
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You know I haven't heard it about baby bottles..I've heard it about all different kinds of bottles/containers though..

My thoughts are I honestly think things will be fine with whatever kind of bottle you use. When I start using bottles I think I'm going to use the ones with liners only b/c they seem easier. I don't know if those count in the plastic warming up thing..b/c the plastic bags do get warm but not too warm.

I think if you are worried about it I would find a different method but if you aren't I wouldn't let it worry you b/c they are always coming out with things that could potentially be dangerous. My mom believes everything she reads (we didn't have a microwave when I was growing up..I'm only 25..she thinks they are bad for your health) and she even told me not to freeze water in water bottles b/c of the toxins getting into the water by freezing...anyway my point is that do what you want but more than likely everything will be ok...I have been around too many babies that used regular bottles and have been just fine (I have 18 nieces and nephews and have babysat them all) to be worried about the toxic levels in warm bottles. IMHO :)

Just trying to be helpful. :)
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I just heard this about the plastic water bottles- my mom actually called me this morning and told me to check all the recycle #s on the bottom... Supposedly 1 is the best and 7 is the worst.

Of course I checked, and all my water bottles are 7's!!!  And I always put them in the dishwasher which is supposed to make the toxins come out.  Yikes.  

It's hard to know what to believe- this could be totally blown out of proportion.  I will probably get new water bottles for myself, and I'm not sure yet about the glass bottle idea for baby.

I just realized this post of mine was really not helpful; I did not give you any sort of advise whatsoever ;)  Sorry 'bout that!
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That is totally okay, I was reading on the internet and some websites say that the bottles are fine as long as your not heating them to boiling for 20 minutes whic of course you would never do with formula but then I find web sites saying that you shouldn't even wash your plastic baby bottle in hot water if you use a harsh soap and then other websites saying that you need only be concerned if the bottle is cracked, scratched or cloudy looking and others saying this is all brought on by pro-breastfeeding groups. I just don't know my mom was really into the glass bottle thing, I breast fed my son for as long as I could, I just couldn't seem to keep up with his demands after six months so I went to formula instead. I found some relatively inexpenxive glass bottles by evenflo which were around $2.50 per and some really expensive ones by "Born free" which were like ten bucks apiece, well at least I have a long time to decide =-)
I checked my water bottle too - luckily it was a 1!!!
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I will probably breast feed too, but when I pump I may go ahead and use glass bottles - I would rather be safe than sorry - ya know?
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I always used the plastic bags to reheat stored milk in and then poured it in the bottles.  Although my Avent sterlizer got nuked with all the bottles in it.  Oh well.  Two healthy babies who occasionally ate dirt, and bugs, and god knows what else when they were two.  :)
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Right!!!! All the trouble we go through to keep them safe and my sons favorite snack was stones from the driveway, never swallowed any thank goodness.
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I am due in June, but I decided on using the Playtex dropins due to the recent concern.  I looked at Babies R Us and I was unable to find glass bottles. Maybe I wasnt looking in the right spot.
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They are made by a company called born free, I think the ones from evenflo you have to get online. I have heard that they don't recommend the drop-ins nor re-heating frozen milk in the bag. Who knows if any of this really matters I am not trying to scare anyone but I just want you guys to hear what i have heard and read is all.
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