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recommended feeding schedule?

So we've been feeding Logan solid food for a while-rice cereal, and working our way through vegetables, then on to fruits.  My doctor was not very specific about a schedule.  Can anyone tell me what you do?  For instance, Logan is not hungry at all when he first wakes up-will not take a bottle until about an hour or two after he wakes up. So, I've been doing:  bottle, then 3 hours later bottle plus cereal, 3 hours later bottle, three hours later bottle plus vegetable, then bottle and bed.  Does this sound ok?  and when would I add in fruit?
Thanks, hope everyone is doing well.
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Well what my doc told me was to try cereal first (which you have).  After a week or two move on to the orange colored baby foods first.  And to stick with one flavor for about a week (to make sure they dont have a reaction to it)  Then go on to the next orange colored foods.  After you are done with all of those move on to the green colored ones.  But what ever I do dont introduce the fruits until very last.  He said that babies can develop a sweet tooth and it becomes very hard to get them to eat the veggies.  And he said to give her some in the evenings at first.  Then if I wanted to later on give her some in the morning also.  There isnt any certain time or way to find them solids.  They get all of there nutrition from the Formula/Breastfeeding they receive.  Baby food is just to help them transition.  Thats what he told me.  But every doc is different.  To me is sounds like you are doing just fine.  
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I was going to follow the schedule from Gerber.com...it has bottle first in the AM, bottle/cereal later in the AM, bottle/veggie for lunch...etc...  We are just now introducing some veggies.  Mine really rejected the cereal so I put it off for a few more weeks.  The only thing about the Gerber schedule is that is not working for me is they have an extra feeding in there.  My kiddos are late sleepers so we do not get in two morning feedings.  So, I will have to figure that out I guess.  I think you can add the fruits with the veggies later on as in give a few spoonfuls of both at the same feeding.  Mine were still struggling with the cereal, but I added a bit of squash to it and they eat it up....That is how I may introduce the new foods to them...sort of sneaking it in!!
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