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7 weeks no hb... Is there hope

I had a trans vaginal scan at 6 weeks and measured 2 days behind.  Yesterday I had a trans vaginal scan done at 7w1d.  It showed a fetal pole and a sac measuring 6 weeks. But no heart beat!!!!

I know when I conceived... I was charting, using ovulation predictor kits and my hubby was working double shifts so we just did the deed when I got the positive.

I started with good hcg levels, but low progesterone.  So I was put on Crinone suppositories.  I had no bleeding until the day before my scan.  I had an orgasm and bled bright red for a very short time.  (No intercourse)... Literally wiped it away and no more bleeding.  Then after my scan I bled lightly.

Even though my baby was small with no heartbeat, my dr wants me to wait 1 week and have another scan.  Because the baby had grown since the first scan the week before.

Do I have a chance?  No cramping.  No more bleeding (except left over crinone gunk - looks like cottage cheese - normally white... is brown.).  I have not had real morning sickness.  Just some queasiness.   Boobs hurt, heartburn and always tired.

Does anyone know if a good outcome measuring 1 week behind at 7 weeks with no heartbeat???

PS I had a miscarriage about 5 months ago.

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Sorry to hear that you have to go through this stress! I too am going through the same thing.  I have had 2 previous miscarriages and this time around I am having a very similar experience to you.  I am 6 weeks and 4 days and have already had 3 ultrasounds.  The ultrasound at 5 weeks 6 days showed a gestational sac and the ultrasound yesterday (6 weeks and 3 days) showed no further development.  My Dr thinks I will miscarry in the next couple of weeks.  I have another ultrasound Tues (6weeks 6 days) and we will discuss our options after that.
My Dr did say he would have been happy to see just a yolk sac and a fetal pole so that's good news for you! I have heard many people say that they haven't seen the heartbeat till after 7 weeks.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully we can both be blessed with happy, healthy babies!  Best of luck.
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Sorry you're dealing with this. If you read on the miscarriage forum you'll see other stories of ladies who didn't have a heart beat that early who went on to find a healthy baby the next week so it's possible that it's just to early to see everything on ultrasound. Good luck and keep us posted.
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