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How are you ladies feeling?

Anything new happen with your pregnancy? Excited, scared, frustrated, thrilled? Anything you want to talk about? =)
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I still feel the same as I did last week.  I am more tired than usual, feel queasy and nauseaous at times and am more hungry.  I have not had any cramping at all.  I am scared because I will find out this coming Monday how many babies I am carrying.  I am hoping for a few multiples so I have the best chance of being able to keep the pregnancy.  I have to have CVS done to find out if the baby(ies) are affected by the disorder that I have a 50% chance of passing on.  I wish I could be excited like most people but I am scared.  I am praying that I have a healthy baby in there.  Anything new with your pregnancy?
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I am feeling a bit scared, I woke up in the middle of the night, felt my breast and they were not sore like before, then the soreness came back but not as strong, so now I am worried, but I have left it all in the hands of God, He's will will be done.  I am 6wks today, waiting for u/s on friday. I have had 1 ectopic and 2 miscarriages and I am not ready to go through that again.  
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i am scared and nervous- but had my first u/s today and saw the heartbeat! i am 6w 3d. just hope all goes well for me and everyone else. i had 2 mc and i dont think i could go through that again either. good luck to all you ladies!
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Well, I'll keep you all in my thoughts for a healthy and successful pregnancy :)
And keep in mind that some symptoms come and go, so try not to stress over them.
God will take care of you. =)

Nickswife- Congrats on hearing the heartbeat!!
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Hey girls! i can definitely relate to the being scared part!!! i am 6 weeks tomorrow.. and just terrified something will be wrong - this is our 5th pregnancy, but first one on heparin and asprin (after testing found that i had a clotting disorder). so hoping and praying every second of every day this is FINALLY the one!  
  i'm exhausted, sore bb's, urinating all the time, and morning sickness (all day really) kicked in about 4 days ago... i'm constantly thankful for each and every symptom- bring it on! : )
   lwtlbaby: my breasts did the same thing, i had a day where they weren' t as sore, and then the next day sore, but not like before, now they are super duper sore again.. its totally normal (though when i had it i was freaking out!) for your hormones to fluctuate and breast tenderness come and go! : )  
  I'll be praying for all of you girls, that we are ALL on here till November together with healthy pregnancies- FINALLY! : )  
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I tested this morning and got a BFN!!! But, as I've said I will still be here to listen to all of you =) I still haven't gotten by period yet. was due no later than 3/3. it's 3/11 now.
Had some brown spotting...then it stopped then I had some burgundy spotting then it stopped. Now I have a creamy discharge with a brownish tinge. I'll be testing again soon.
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