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Losing Weight during pregnancy

So I went to the Dr. on June 19th this was 16 weeks and they checked the heartbeat 150 and the measurement was 17.5 cm so I have been growing but my weight has been dropping since my first prenatal visit.  In fact I am 10lbs less now!!  Has anyone ever experienced this?  Not sure weather I should be worried.  The Dr. didn't seem to worried.  This is my second pregnancy to make it this far, I have one 5 year old and have had multiple m/c.  With my son I only gained 25lbs and he was 9lbs 6oz when he was born!  Everything else seems to be growing because I have quite the baby bump right now...people think I am farther along!
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Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for your help.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and finally I gained one pound!  My doctor teased me and said it was the first time he saw a woman excited about seeing her weight on the scale. :)  My blood pressure is fine, the fetal heartbeat is great 142, the baby is moving LOTS and the fundal height is measuring 21 so that is bigger then my weeks.  They did do bloodwork to check my iron, glucose and thyroid.  We are hanging in there and just waiting for our ultrasound on June 23rd, hoping to see if it is a boy or girl!
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I have lost a tone of weight. I am 17 weeks today and I am still 15pound lower than my prepregnancy weight. The initial weight loss was due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (fancy name for extreme morning sickness). However I continued to loose weight after being put on medication which stopped the vomiting. They did some tests and my thyroid was overfunctioning. It turns out that it is an autoimmune problem for me called Graves Disease. However they said to me that it is quite common for women to get temporary overactive thryoid due to the HCG mimicing a thryoid stimulating hormone. So women with higher than normal HCG can have this temporary problem and the key symptom is unexplained weight loss (if your thyroid overfunctions your metabolism speeds up). It is at its worse when the HCG is highest at around 12 weeks and then starts to get better.
If you are eating normally and loosing weight, perhaps ask your ob whether they have checked your thyroid function.
Because of the weight loss I am wearing all my normal clothes (even dropped down into the skinnier trousers that were at the back of my cupboard) and wish that I looked pregnant. So far I don't have any real visible sign of pregnancy and can't weight to have a bump to show off!
My baby is growing exactly on target so far so despite me losing weight my baby is apparently doing perfectly.
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I gained a couple pounds initially, but have just been so sick that i havne't gained anything in the past month ( and should be gaining 1.5lbs a week!) so they told me to try protein shakes or ensure like drinks.. to get some mo,re calories and nutrition in.. as long as the baby is growing still thats the main thing, but my dr said to try to gain more weight... if i could not be so nauseated and throwing up so much it would be much easier hah!
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I actually lost a few pounds too in the 1st trimester, so I think especially in the 1st trimester it is quite normal...I would take measuring tape and measure your belly at least once a week to see if your belly is expanding and therefore baby growing...if this is the case you shouldn't have to worry...but if you're still concerned I would go to see your ob/gyn and get checked out...ask and maybe they'll help you out....

I hope all goes well!
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I've heard of women losing weight instead of gainging it. I wouldn't worry about it tooo much.
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