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Mood Swings

Is anyone else dealing with having mood swings and / or being grumpy??!?  I find myself these days extremely sensitive & irritable!!  I don't seem to have the patience I had before ... and at times feel as though I am crying for no reason.. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Hey sorry you are having mood swings.. I dealt with that alot when i was pg with dd.. but with this pg i am happier than ever.. no grumpinest or mood swings what so ever. but I do seem to be a lil more sensitive and cry very easily esp. on my soap oprahs :0) lol  but its more than normal to get them. its our lovely Hormones hehe well worth it in the end.. Hope you feel better soon!! Big Hugs.
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awww your the best! Thanks hazleyez!
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ME :\
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anytime jonezy :0)
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hahaha you're preaching to the choir sister! although i must say the third trimester has been easier mentally/emotionally. but yes, i like to consider myself a basket case thanks to the lovely pregnancy hormones!
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I am a man who just found out my gf is pregnant .
And let me tell ya it was a great news cause This would be my first child
My GF is we think 2-4 weeks pg and boy :((( She is so moody , that I do not
recognize her at all . She turned into a monster overnight .
What do you ladies recommended I do ? How do I deal with it ?
Anything I say gets turned into a fight or cry .
So Jonezy you are defiantly not alone with the mood swings sister  :)

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