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Crazy Dreams

Is anyone else having crazy dreams? They range from my husband cheating on me, sleeping with the president, wearing a towel out in public, seeing a bunch of heads sitting on tables in a room..... and they just keep getting stranger.

Please tell me I'm not the only one!!
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i am also having very VERY bizzare dreams...to bizzaro to even tell people. They may think i am twisted !
Sleeping with the president....thats pretty funny !
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Me too!! One of the things i dreamt about the other nite was peoples heads being chopped off!! all very strange and not nice at all :o(
Can we safely say these dream are normal then?!?
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OMG I thought it was just me!!! Last night I dreamed that I took off my bra in front of a taxi driver just so he could wait for me!!! LOL seems like we are all normal???
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My gosh yes- last night I was being chased by mobsters, one of whom stuck a gun in my neck and demanded that I make him a gin and tonic.  Last week I was in Abu Dhabi surrounded by flying poisonous jellyfish.  There have been a lot of weird ones- those two just stick out in my mind... plus the one where I was involved in a terrible misunderstanding with an old friend and a geriatric televangelist who both thought we were going to have a menage a trois, and I had to talk my way out of it without hurting any feelings.  Bizarre!  
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I've always had crazy and vivid dreams, but they get even worse when I am pregnant! Don't worry, you are not alone.
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OMG I've been having crazy dreams every night! It's kinda fun, because I know it's normal for pregnant women to have wild dreams. I have vivid sexual dreams and just very bizarre ones. They are always in color. Thankfully most of my vivid sexual dreams have been about my DH so far, so I don't feel too guilty LOL.
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Last night I dreamt that I was running through an endless train station trying to catch a train.  I never caught it.   When my toddler woke up, her first words to me were "Mama I was a train."  Hmmmm...
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see i dont know if im pregnant, as im due for my period this week, but i do have the feeling i may be, just small things or rather major things that make me assume i am, eg vivid dream verry crazy just like you all. sore boobs, very exhausted, some times the feeling of wanting to be sick, just going for a drive the other day with my husband and kids made me feel like i was going to vomit, and also i havent had any usual cramping or period pain, so its just a waiting game i guess to see if i am pregnant or not.
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