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Glucose Test

My doc just called and I did not pass the 1-hour glucose test so now I have to go back for the 3-hour!  Has this happened to anybody?  Anyone know what happens if I have the diabetes you get with pregnancy?  Ugh!
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Oh man the three hour test!!!!  If that comes back and you don't pass you will probably have to monitor your sugars daily and you may need to do insulin or take medication.  They will probably also do more ultrasounds to watch the growth of the baby because they tend to be bigger.  Try not to worry too much though gestational diabetes goes away after the birth of the baby.  But we are going to think positive and say you WILL PASS the 3 hour test!!!!!!!!
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I failed my glucose screen too! I just got the results from my 3 hour test today. Whew....passed. My understanding is that quite a few people (up to 25%) fail the initial glucose tolerance screen but very few fail the 3 hour test. I'm sure you'll pass too! Sorry but btw the 3 hour test is horrible, just sitting and waiting and 4 blood collections. BOO! If you do fail (which you probably won't) you'll have to monitor your blood sugar and adjust diet and activity accordingly, insulin shots are rarely necessary.
Good Luck....take a book or ipod to the test!!! :)
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Thanks ladies...I had to take the 3-hour test with my DS but, I was sure that was b/c the lab had messed up the bloodwork! HA!  I guess not...I didn't end up having it the last time so hopefully I don't have it this time either.  I researched it in case I do and it looks like I'll just have to change my diet (like, no more ice cream at 10:00 at night!)...I'm just so afraid of something going wrong and having to go on bed rest.  I run an in-home day care so that would not fit into my schedule or my finances!!! Ha!
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I failed both the 1 and 3 hour tests. I have to check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day and was on a low carb diet. I was allowed 30 grams for snacks and 45 grams for meals. It was really hard keeping track of it! You can still have ice cream but that has to be your complete snack and only 1/2 a cup. :) I checked my levels for 2 weeks everyday and never had it be too high so my dr told me I can just check every other day and will be fine. He told me I don't have to be so strict on my carbs but not to get out of hand!
I think I failed because I'm having twins and it puts you at a greater risk.

But good luck! And the first hour is the worst! They wouldn't let me walk around or anything. I thought I was going to get sick.
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I failed the 1- hour and 3-hour with my first dd.  I cut out all carbs and kept my levels low through diet alone.  DD was over 9 lbs, but I think that was more genetics than blood sugar.  The "good" things about it were that I only gained 13 lbs in the whole pregnancy, and I got more u/s and non-stress tests than usual to make sure all was well.  The bad things were sticking my finger 4 times a day, no pizza for 20 weeks or fresh fruit in the middle of summer (that was the worst).  They wouldn't let me go past my due date so I had to be induced at 39w6d.
BTW I don't think GD is a condition that requires bed rest- just diet restriction and insulin for serious cases.
I have heard some people say they were told to add carbs to their diets for a few days before the 3-hour, so you may ask for clarification about that.  The best advice I can give you is to drink a lot of water before the test because you can't drink during it.  
I am waiting for my 1-hour results now- it's been a week!  I'm hoping that they haven't called because I passed, but I tested myself right after the official draw, and my monitor read high.  Hopefully my monitor is wrong, but I'm afraid I just fell through the cracks, and that's why they haven't called.  I could call, but I'm scared to find out!
Good luck on the 3-hour!
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I failed glucola too and going for 3 hr GTT on thursady,I hope to pass still no instructions from anyone what to do with diet before the test. I found online that no restrictes diet and eat as you would usually and then no water or anything for 10 hrs before the test. Is that what everyone knew?
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