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Ready or Not?

So I'm 31 weeks now......and sooo not ready for baby to arrive. Honestly I don't know where the time went. I have all the essentials, I think, but things are arent organized. I also need to take care of a few personal appointments. YIKES! Anyone else in a panic yet?
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I am so with you on that one.  I was just talking to my husband about that the other night.  It's so weird that there is only about 9 weeks left.  At my last visit my OB told me that any labor after October 15th they will not stop.  Now that takes me down to like a possibility of 5-9 weeks which is totally overwhelming.  At the same time I am so ready to meet her and know she is ok and have my body back but we are so not ready yet.  We have the room mostly painted (just have to finish the trim work) but we still need to put new carpet down.  We have the crib and dresser but not put together yet because the carpet isn't down.  We also want to paint the rest of the upstairs before the baby arrives.  AAAAHHHHHH I always thought I had so much time but now I feel like where did it all go.  I didn't even wash any of her clothing yet.  Oh well at least if we have the essentials right????
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In the first weeks of pregnancy I felt very secure and happy. And these last weeks I am starting to feel fears and not sure that this was what I expected. I hope not to be unhappy mom
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I am feeling a little stressed about it all- I've added to my stress by vowing to get DD#1's baby book finished by her birthday- in two weeks!  This requires digging up photos of dh and I as babies, writing her birth story, etc etc etc... on top of all the other planning for her birthday.  
As for DD#2, I have stages of panic.  The first was the "get the clothes back from the friends who borrowed them and put together the dresser."  Then it was "buy the things that we're missing."  Now that I've gotten most of that done I'm in a state of temporary calm- or rather freaking out about the baby book project instead- but when I think about what's left to be done I get nervous again.  
I need to make a list of everything so I have a sense of reality about what's left.  For example, we have a co-sleeper already, but the sheets need to be found and washed, and it needs to be de-spidered since it's been in the shed for two years!  Ditto the car seat.  There are also things I have to do this time that I didn't last time, like pack a suitcase for DD#1, buy her a couple of surprise toys to entertain her in the waiting room until Oma gets here, etc.  I occasionally panic that I could go into labor at any second...!  Not to freak you out more ;-)  
Bigbelly317, it's only natural to have mixed feelings about having a baby- it is a huge change to be facing.  I think it's a sign of a good mom to be realistic about that and accepting of all feelings good and bad.  If you do have depression or anxiety after birth, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider because it is a very treatable condition- there's no need to suffer in silence.
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I wasn't stressed until I got sick recently. I am going on my 3rd week of a horrible chest cold. I have had NO energy and I am coughing up phlegm every 10 min. I want to start washing clothes and sheets/blankets etc, but I don't want to touch anything while I'm sick. So for now I'm sitting around looking at everything in a big pile waiting for me :( I don't have diapers, wipes, first aid kit, etc. yet, either. But, I figure one trip to the store and I can pick up anything that I need. I'm just getting really bumbed out about being so sick. I feel like it's never going to end. What's worse is that I have now been having panic attacks about getting sick around or just after delivery. How can I take care of a newborn if I have the flu! This is the third time I've been sick during this pregnancy and I've been missing so much work!
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OMG...I feel the same way!  I'm praying this baby doesn't come before my due date!  We don't have anything ready!  We bought a crib and dresser but they're still in the box..ha!  Other than that, we don't really have anything we need...and I'd really like to work right up to my due date b/c I'm taking an unpaid maternity leave and I'm in school right now so it would just be best if I don't go early! :)  Plus, I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes so, I'm having to monitor all of that...its pretty safe to say I am in crazy mode!  I just said to my DH last night, "We are in single digits on the amount of weeks until this baby is here!!"  It'll all work out though...its just going to be hectic...but really, when isn't a baby hectic? HA!  Goodluck to all of you in these final weeks!
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RBarron - I feel for you.  I am currently on antibiotics for an ear infection and I have a horrible head cold.  So far I have had 2 colds and 2 stomach virus' since being pregnant.  Gotta love working at the hospital!!!!!!  Everybody tells me to rest but I am so uncomfortable from being sick and unable to get comfortable from being pregnant.  It's horrible.  Hope you feel better soon.
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