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Baby boy is here

My son was born on 18 nov he was 38w3d they start induce me at 8 in the morning the start look great he was doing good my blood pressure was good but by 19:00 in the after noon all my hopes for given birth natural were killed my contractions show very low i was stock at 6 cm for a wile and the babys heart rate keep droping so as i was getting ready to head for emergency c section i keept having the most horrible contractions ( my epidoral dose finish ) i was put on the table on 19:20 minutes wile my doctor and nurses prepere for c sections i fell the head comeing out so i teld his comeing out , my doctor was in shock and said is not posible he just check me 20 minutes befor and in 6 cm only after me screaming again at him he check me again the babys head was right there so that when panic start and my son Ty was the first one born on an c section table natural they were all includin me in shock but was so happy i didnt have c sections because i was very against it . ( by the way when i left for c section my husband was the so was so sock when 20 minutes later they came i told him his a dad and i give birth natural , i would pay money to see his face )
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