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Bad news

I went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant a couple weeks ago and there was no fetal pole. I was measuring a little small so they took blood and had me come back Tuesday morning (April 2) for ultrasound. Baby had grown and my levels have gone up as they have supposed to, but measuring 6 weeks 6 days they during vag ultrasound and while they found a sac, yolk and fetal pole...they were not able to find a heartbeat. The technician just told me she wished she had better news and told me to see my OB upstairs. I was devastated and cried my eyes out.
My OB was not in but the nurses called her. Because there was growth and my numbers had increased nicely she was not 100% comfortable having D&C yet - she said she has seen "crazier things" and ordered I come back on Monday, the 8th for another ultrasound. We are all expecting to see no heartbeat again and schedule a D&C. I guess this is just to be 100% sure.
I am devastated. I can't find anything anywhere that shows a good outcome with someone not finding a heartbeat while measuring 6 weeks 6 days. I'd love to be positive but I am finding it hard. I don't want to hold out any hope - again I've seen no good outcomes with this.

I'm sad to be leaving this group. I suppose it will all work out and I will hopefully be in another baby group in the fall.

: / Heather
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Try and keep hope! I went in at 6 weeks and say no fetal pole and then went back 16 days later and was able to see and hear heartbeat! It may still be too early. I have read that 7-8 weeks is usually a good time to be able to see the heart beat! Just keep hope!
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I agree with Miamigirl, it may just be too early to hear heart beat, remember embryo is only about 4mm in size. Keep your chin up, embryo has grown between the 2 scans, that's good news. Will be thinking of you x
If you want to talk message me
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I agree with the girls, try to focus on the positive here, while its easy to get discouraged and heartbroken, don't give up until you're sure. Prayers for comfort and peace!!
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Thank you guys for the kind words. I am sorry to be so negative. The dr didn't have much hope so I'm just preparing for what seems like the inevitable:(. I keep reading other boards and every one with no HB at this point updates with a m/c. I guess I'm just preparing. I will keep you posted. Thank you again. Heather
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Try and be positive. It like the girls have said might be too early. I had a m/c in November. Its heartbreaking so if it comes to the worst get a good support network around you. Are you familiar with sands lothian? If your in Scotland they are a good help, they have a Facebook page. Look them up wherever you live. I hope you don't have to though. Xxx
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Just looking at the 'weeks' section of 'im expecting' app it says at 6 weeks the "heartbeat May be visible through vaginal ultrasound" so doesn't necessarily show yet... Your still very early xxx was there a reason you had a scan so early ? X
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