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baby names

We have narrowed it down to 6 names and need some help :) middle name will be Elizabeth
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Haha I've voted but I like 2 more so I'm going to say Lily  and Aurora as well :)
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Here's the breakdown of my opinion:
Everleigh - my favorite :)
Sofia - pretty, but very popular
Lily - nice, but with Elizabeth it has too many L's in a row
Charlotte - again, very popular
Abigail - my 2nd favorite, close tie with Everleigh
Aurora - love the name, but for me it doesn't flow well with your last name.

Hope that helps!!
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I picked Everleigh also.  I think it's beautiful with Elizabeth.  I also have to admit 'm partial to the Leigh part because my middle name is Lea. Lol Even if it wasn't I'd still pick Everleigh though.  :D
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Sofia or everleigh
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My opinion these or not my favorite names , but if I had to chose out of all I would chose Sofia
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I love the name Abigail :)
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I love Everleigh! One of my girlfriends named her daughter that (she's 17 months old now), but spelled Everly. I wasn't sure about it the first time I heard it, but it grew on me very quickly!
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Thank so much for your input :) I never realized how hard this would be
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I have thought about this long and hard K.  You need to give that baby a Disney princess name!  It is only fair to Disney!!!  
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So...either Sophia or Aurora :-)
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I guess it's a good thing we aren't naming your baby then ;)
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You know my vote if it still counts and remember this is my God baby sooooo just saying!
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I've never heard the name Everleigh. I really like it! (that's what I voted)
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Yes your vote still counts especially when it's the name you gave us!!
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Lilly xx
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Thank you :)
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Abigail or Charlotte ...I love them both
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I think everleigh or aurora!!
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My first choice was Aurora Elizabeth but I like Everleigh as well! I hope this helps.  :-)
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Thanks everyone for your input. .. I never imagined this would be so hard
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Everleigh would have been the namely sister chose, had she been able to have kids, so that one is one I really like.  Would you nickname her Evy?
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Everleigh Elizabeth is so pretty :)
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