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Cole Joseph has arrived!

After a long 40 weeks of caring around my little man, and two months or so of walking around like a duck very early Thanksgiving morning at about 4:30 am I woke up to use the bathroom and stated getting what I thought at the time was pretty painful contractions. They seemed to have a pattern of 6 minutes, so I started to count them as I couldn't sleep. Two hours later they got closer together at 4 minutes apart and got slightly stronger. I called the hospital and the nurse sounded very skeptical about me being in labor so had me stay home and call back if they got close together. My mom was up for the holiday and was staying at my place, and she suggested that we go walk around for a bit to try and get the contractions closer, and several hours later at about 1:00 pm they became 3 minutes apart and slightly stronger yet so off to the hospital we went.Thee nurse asked me how I would rate my pain and at the time I stated that my pain level was at an 8. She severely doubted me and she had every right to. She checked how dialated I was and was only at 2 cm. She has me sit there for two hours to see if I would progress, but her and the other nurses doubted that I would, and wanted to send me home. 2:45 pm I hasn't really felt any more increasing pains, but suddenly I felt a pop, followed by a rush of liquid pool between my legs. I looked at my boyfriend and said "I think my water broke" so I called the nurse back in, she didn't get too excited as I was wearing two gowns and none got on the pad, so off to send the lab a sample to see if I got sure had broken my water. After my water broke is when the pains progressed tremendously and became truly regular and were 2-3 minutes apart. Eventually the nurse came back with the confirmation that I was indeed in labor and my water has broken, so in my newfound pain she had me waddle to the next room over, with a trail behind me as I walked. I tried to sit or stand as much as possible as the pain had increased significantly and I could not so trembling. I got my IV and had to wait an hour before the anesthesiologist got there to give me my epidural, so right before ib received my epidural she checked me and I had dialated  to 5 cm. Shortly after I got my epidural, shaking and scrunched up as each contraction now was only a minute apart and I had severe back labor, making it a little difficult for him to get the epidural completed, but overall did a fantastic job as almost instantly my contractions became more bareable. 45 minutes later my main nurse was on her way home and decided to check me one more before leaving and I was at 7 cm by 6:00 pm I was told to tell anyone if I started to feel pressure, and I sat in the bed still able to feel the contractions but to where they were light enough to show me to want to sleep, but right as I was about to fall asleep at 7:40 I started to feel pressure. Calling the nurses after the third time I felt pressure with each contraction, they checked me and were able to stick their finger inside his top lip. 5 minutes later my OB was there instructing me to push whenever I felt the pressure and with 20 minutes of pushing my little man was born at 8:14 pm on Thanksgiving.
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