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Anyone Else Into BabyWearing?

I noticed how much these contraptions were and thought, "Hey, Why Can't I make my own for 1/3 the price?" Well, I marched myself down to the fabric store, got 6 yards of fabric and hopefully by Friday I can have myself two new Moby Wraps!


Check It Out! Wish me luck. That Darn Sewing Machine hasn't seen the light of day in about 4 years! EEK!
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You GO GIRL!!!  When in the world are you finding time to sew??  I hope it turns out good.  Good luck!!
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Thanks I just got it done around 5:30 and started around 12:45p.m. It turned out pretty good! I'll take pictures soon and post them so that you can see.

About finding time, well, Son went to Moms Day out today and then around 230 he went down for a nap *winks* I guess you could say I snuck in every moment I could get away...
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OH!! And I did try it out with Sarah..She LOVES it..
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There! I hope this works...if not I'll add it to my pics.
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