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Are anyones BBs leaking?!?

Okay, this is probably going to be kind of long and dragged out but its weird and I want to know whats going on.  So my breasts have been I wouldn't really say "leaking" but I guess "producing" this whitish yellowish cholosteum<sp?? or whatever for about 2 months now.. It was never bad before.. Just when I would take off my bra I would notice some whitish yellow staining.. So on Saturday night I was at my boyfriends house hanging out with him and some other people.  My boyfriends roommates boyfriend came home and he was REALLY drunk.. Stumbling all over.. Could barely talk.. like BAD.. So my boyfriend, me, my friend, and her boyfriend are all sitting on the couch and the drunk guy comes and he like bends over to look at my face and pretty much lands full out on my breast. It hurt! to say the least.. so my boyfriend put his arms in front of my stomach so that he wouldn't land on that but I think thats how he managed to put all his weight on my breast because both of his hands went down right on it.. So I got mad and like kicked him off of me and yelled at him because he knows Im pregnant and everything and he was acting like an idiot.  and then he goes outside and comes back in and sits next to me because by this time my boyfriend has gotten up and gone somewhere and so this guy is like all drunk leaning on me and elbowing me in the breast.  The same one he landed on.. So finally it all ends and about 2 hours later my boyfriend and I were going to bed and I felt my breast like full out leaking.  Like stuff was actually dripping out of it and I had to actually wipe it off with a towel.  So now ever since this has happened I have been worried about something being wrong.. because I do really  want to breastfeed.. Is this normal?? or why did this happen that after he like landed on me that all this stuff like drained out??
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What.. The.. Hell.. my whole post cut off.. UGGHH.. So anyway! Idk if the spelling of that is right or whatever.. but the other night I was at my boyfriends house hanging out with some friends and his roommates boyfriend came home and he was all drunk.. He couldnt talk.. Couldnt really even stand.. so he was BAD.. So my boyfriend, me, my friend, and her boyfriend were sitting on the couch and he like crouched over to look at me and my boyfriend put his arms and leg in front of my stomach so he wouldnt fall on it so he like puts his hands out and falls full force on my breast.. Im like really mad because my breasts already hurt to begin with and now its like killing.. so i kicked him off of me and then he like went outside.  When he came back in my boyfriend wasnt sitting by me anymore so this guy like smashes down next to me and elbows me in the breast. again.. the same one that he just landed on.. so after all this happens about 2 hours later my boyfriend and I are going to bed and Im laying on my right side and i just feel like a rush of stuff come out of my breast.  I got in the bathroom and take off my bra and theres like stuff dripping out of my nipple.  Im really worried and pretty mad about this because I really want to try to breastfeed and I dont know whats going on.. My breast is still really tender.. and it kind of looks swollen around the nipple as opposed to my other breast.. anyone know what this is?? should I have my doctor look at it or do you think its ok??
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What a horrible guy!! The last thing you need is someone landing on you!! I think it's normal to be leaking colostrum at this point, it happened to me a couple of weeks ago during the night ... I must have been leaning quite hard on my left breast as there was quite a bit of fluid. You may want to check with your doctor though, as you had nasty blow and if its bruised then it may be a good idea to make sure everything is ok ... for your peace of mind as well. Hope it feels better soon!
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Yeah.. I was really mad.. Actually Im still really mad at him because he knows Im pregnant and he knows all about my m/cs and stuff and like maybe Im freakishly cautious but I really just want to get this baby here healthy and the last thing I need are drunk idiots acting stupid around me.. Thats why when all my friends want me to go out with them I usually stay home.. because stupid stuff like that happens.. and then to make it even better like when he came and was elbowing me I was like yelling at him just to get away from me because I didnt want him bumping or falling on my stomach and he was like "stop being a little B**** Im not going to land on your stomach" I was just like umm ok thats why you just landed full force on me about 5 minutes ago and if it hadn't been for Travis putting his arms and leg in front of my stomach you would have landed on that too?? He is so stupid when he's drunk.. but yeah thank you.. Idk it just scared me because my breast hasn't leaked that much and I figured it had something to do with him falling on me.
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Yeah it is def normal to do that.  I have  had a few friends who produced colustrum and had a really easy time with their milk coming in and successfully breastfed their babies.  Your body is just getting ready for what is to come.  So I would not worry about it at all.  Be careful with the people you surround yourself with esp. people who are drunk.  It could have been your belly instead of your breast that got hit!!
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Thanks. Yeah I normally dont hang around people when they are drinking like that.. but no one was drinking that night that I was hanging out with, he just came home drunk acting stupid.. Good thing my boyfriend was there to protect my stomach otherwise he probably would have landed on it.. It ***** because if I dont hang out with my boyfriend and his friends he gets mad because im "boring" but what happened the other night is the reason that I dont hang around his friends, None of them understand that I have fragile baby in there so they get all rough and stuff.. One night when my boyfriend was really drunk he was like lifting me up and stuff like messing around and that even scared me.. lol when im at his house and they are drinking I usually just lock myself in his bedroom so that I dont get in the way or end up getting in the middle of something dangerous.
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Yes, it's normal.  But you might want to mention it to your doc just in case he ruptured a milk duct or something.  It probably didn't happen but it's better to be safe than sorry.  If it hurts try a warm washcloth.  You don't want to bind your breasts up but it won't hurt to apply warm water to the area.  It usually helped with discomfort when I had my first daughter (Nevada) so hoopefully it'll work for you too.  Good luck
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I started leaking fluids when I was about 22 weeks.
Now I'm 28 and god forbid I lay on them I get that stuff all over my bra and shirt!!

I've been stuffing tissues on my bra just incase it happens.
I'm gunna be looking into those bra pads for pregnant and breast feeding women because the tissues get pretty annoying after a while.
Specially it they're the cheap kind that aren't thick and soft... they just stick to my nipples and leave white resadue on them.
UGH. lol
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Ive been leaking too. It happened with both my girls too.
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that *****.....but a few days ago i started leaking clear stuff...of course, it doesnt really leak, but DF "found" it hhaha, while we were BD'ing.....otherwise, i'd never have known....hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....hahahahahahahahahaha.....that's all i can do when i think about it, or if he looks at my bb's, or all i could do when he "found" it.....hahahahahahahaha.....it doesnt just come out, but i was curious after "it" so i pushed, and it's more like water.....

thought i'd share that to make someone laugh lol.....i still laugh about it.....hahahahahahahaha, and he even told our best friends(well, they're a married couple and she's 11 wks behind me), about it.....hahahahahahahaha
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i don't really have an answer it is more of a question to go along with this, i am a guy but besides the point can a female possibly be pregnant or no?
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