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Failed =[

Failed my blood glucose test. My obstetrician's office rang and said that I had an abnormal reading and I have to take the 2 hour test. (Just wondering if this is normal for them to say? Don't they normally just say you failed and have to have the longer test?) I am freaking out a bit. My mum had Gestational Diabetes for many of her pregnancies and now that I think about it alot of symptoms i've had during my pregnancy do suggest that I have it. Oh well, hopefully I pass the 2nd test. We will just have to see. I hope all you ladies are great.
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a lot of people fail the first one and go and pass the second one...i failed the first and went on to pass the 3 hour one..don't get yourself worked up about it...its not the best thing to do
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Thanks for you reply =] I am trying not to get too worked up about it. I know things could be a lot worse and I know I am very lucky to have had a relatively problem free pregnancy. I just hope its not something I have to worry about. I'm am thankful its not threat to my baby, at the moment thats my main priority. I am sure everything will be fine. Thanks for your reassurance.I appreciate it.
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With my last pregnancy I was one point from failing the 1 hour test so I got them to do the 3 hour test which I passed with flying colors!!  So dont worry yet.  Keep us posted with your results.  I have my 1 hour glucose test next wed and here lately I have been thirsting to death which can be an indicator of high blood sugars.......so we will see next week.  I pray I pass!!
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I pray you pass too. A funny thing is I just had this really strong feeling that I was going to fail. And I did. I seem to have this strange 6th sense since being pregnant. I like it =] lol. Well hopefully you pass your 1 hour and I pass my 2 hour. I thought it was three hours? But they said 2. I am confused.
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Just found out from my doc that I also failed the 1 hour test which I took 2 weeks ago.  I'm trying to schedule a 3 hour test now, which has to be done in the lab itself bec appearantly they monitor you throughout the 3 hours.  This is such a pain.
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Im sorry, I feel your pain. I hope things turn out ok for you =]
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I just passed by 1 point today.  They said I must have eaten something sweet yesterday, which I did (had an ice cream)!  Glad I don't have to do the 3 hour one!
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I'm going for the 3 hour test tomorrow first thing in the morning.  I just want to get it over with.  This time I'm going directly to the lab, I'm hoping that they give me results that same day, but don't know if that's possible.  I'm trying to avoid any sweets tonight.

I just think that the first test was not done right, I did it in the evening (doc works only evenings).  So even though I didn't eat anything super sweet, sugar must've accumulated over the whole day.
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