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Has everyone lost there pregnancy weight yet?

I gained 35lb with Mollie.  I still have 10 to go. With breastfeeding, I stay more hungry than when I was pregnant.  Especially when she hits a growth spurt and eats more.  I don't have time to excercise, I just try to eat good and drink lots of water.  My goal is to get into a 2 piece bathing suit by this summer.  My stomach is small again, my weight just went mostly to my legs and some in the butt!!!  
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I lost all of my baby weight since I only gained 12lbs in all, but gained about 7 back. I was exercising to lose weight when I found out I was preggers, so I'm just starting again what I WAS doing back then. I want to lose about 20lbs in all. *crosses fingers* and YES< its hard to lose when you are BF and want to eat CONSTANTLY...I told the DH, I felt like a pig, but I know its ALL for the LO.
I carry mine all around my stomach because I'm only 4'10 *disgusted*
Good Luck everyone.
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With my twins I gained 17lb, a day after my c-section I dropped 11lbs, by the time they were 2 weeks old, I lost all the baby weight and then some down to 107lb.  But I was feeling horribly, dizzy and tired and fatigue.  After doing a blood test I found out that my sugar was very low, and I had to force myself to eat more.  So now I'm back to my prepregnancy weight 112lb.  I never had a flat stomach and now it's slighly bigger.  I fit into most of my pants. Now I have to be careful and not to gain more weight.
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i gained 45 lbs with Aiden and i lost half of that after he was born and i only have 5lbs to go
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I gained about 30 pounds with Ewan and lost it pretty quickly with breastfeeding ... I think maybe a bit too quickly since like Lexima I was feeling dizzy and tired. Seems to have stabilized now though and I'm feeling a lot better. I still have a mummy tummy pouch thing going :( on but I think it'll take some exercise to get rid of it ... I just don't seem to find the time to exercise though!
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i gained 45 with Weston, lost about 20 instantly (he was 9.10 and I was BFing at first) but the last 25 seem to want to stay with me!  My milk supply completely left me at about 1 month, so since then the weight has just been hanging around.
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Can seem to lose the last 15 or so lbs.!! Ugh...I'm breastfeeding and Lost ALOT after my delivery, but gained it back when I started realizing I needed to eat more for my milk to stay in.
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well i was 208 the day before i had alex, and i got down to 180, but i'm at 183 that time of month ;)

i was 168 when i got pregnant, but i'm wanting to get down to 150, because we're getting married on october 17th! so yeah lol.....
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