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I am so miserable.

At 31 weeks, I am so self-absorbed with all my pregnancy discomforts, I think I may even be getting a bit depressed.  

Anyway, today, aside from the wonderful nausea that has returned, my biggest complaint in severe constipation.  It's ugly, ladies, ugly.  I've had trouble with this off and on, but my nausea med (Zofran) makes it so much worse.  

Here's what I've already tried:

Miralax every day
Fiber-rich foods and water
1/2 dozen stool softeners a day sometimes (they're like candy--I don't see any results)
Fleet suppositories (I usually poop out the suppository 30 minutes later with very little actual poop)
Running a cup of warm water over my bottom
Lots of Preparation H for this ring of giant hemmroids (which bust open and bleed)

Is it safe to use Milk of Magnesia?  Other suggestions?  Please help!

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I HAVE to use SALINE enimas...once a week sometimes...I bled horribly the first time and swore that would never happen again! LOL Im 17 weeks now and use the saline (not fleet...not recommended) and that has been my relief!  I still take 2 stool softners a day also...eat pears too!
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Okay, thank you for your responses!  Additional thoughts are welcome!

My doc said to try doing a suppository twice a day no matter what and see if that will knock it out.
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avoid the Zofran. it is the cause. it relaxes the muscle movement of the whole digestive system. Phenergan is safe I believe.
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Do you have Metamucil in America? Cause I think it works wonders. (tastes pretty ew but)
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I know what you are going through. My doctor started me on 2 stool softeners a night and also told me that I could take the Milk of Magnesia, so I think that it would be okay for you to do both of these things too. I also had to use Fleet Enima ( I don't know if I spelled that right) I know that enimas are gross but I HAD to use them early in my pregnancy to get my bowel movements under control. I had my hubby give them to me. My best advice is to use one of those and lay there as long as posible so that the enima has time to work well. Well I hope that everything works out for you, I really do know what you are going through!
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i would say try drinking warm milk it might help get things moving. im so sorry you feel this way i can relate though and i always try drinking warm milk and it helps. i get very consitpated since i have to take extra iorn pills.and i know what you mean about the preperation H suff it really is horrible.. and yup my nausea has returend as well and on top of that i have horrible allergies at the moment. i cant breath its just crappy all togather. i hope the milk works for you...
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