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Squirting during sex

I am now 6 months pregnant.  Every time I have sex with my boyfriend, I end up squirting....a lot.  I want to know if this is harmful to the baby in any way.  
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hmm well ive heard that you usually get an "o" faster when you are pregnant. have you always squirted, before you were pregnant i know weird question. but that may be the reason why because your more likley to "o" faster than usual. i actully dont think its harmful for the baby,cuz for some women that is there "o"  and if you have done that before being pregnant then there is no way to stop it  when you are pregnant. so just like an "o" isnt harmful for the baby iwould say the squirting isnt either.  im not exactly sure ive never expirenced the whole squirting situation and some women dont. but its normal for others. so i think your fine! ;)
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I had never had an orgasm prior to being pregnant and I had definitely never squirted before.  I guess I'm confused because I don't know where the liquid comes from or what it is.  Whenever I try to google anything to do with it, I just get some perverted websites.  I'm concerned about the amount that comes out during sex (sometimes more than a cup full) and where it's coming from.  The last thing I want is my pleasure to screw up my own pregnancy!
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I am sorry....what is squirting??!!  I have never heard of this before!
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I've never orgasmed with a partner.  I've gotten very close, but never make it.  Anyone else like that or am I on an island?
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I only started having orgasms about 3 months ago when I was 3 months pregnant.  I didn't know what was happening and started laughing.  Needless to say, we couldn't finish because I couldn't stop laughing!!
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My fiance and I started dating when we were 17,
I was still a virgin, and surprisingly, he was too.

I guess he got all his pervertedness from porno's... lol.
I'm not complaining though because if it wasn't for those, he probably wouldn't have known what he was doing either. lolol.

I've had orgasms before but OMG...
Never like when I finally gave it up to him....


You'll find the right guy someday.

Cuz you got guys that are really good at what they're doing, then you got guys that have no f*cking CLUE!

But I'll tell yah... when you're in love with someone, an orgasm is a whole new experience!
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Thanks.  I don't plan on having any other guys at the moment!!  I think I'll just have to bring him along.  He really doesn't pay much attention to me down there, but I've had men who have and still nothing.  I do think I "think" too much and shut down any chance once I start thinking about it.  Someday it'll happen!
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I'm just a month Pregnant & I wanna do abortion !
I'm only 18 yrs and mum wants me to keep the baby but apparently i dont think thats still a good idea for me & My bf . We're didnt really plan this but being pregnant just happened . Now i wanna know if Hard Sex can work at a one month pregnancy ??? Cos i've tried Drinking Strong Tea (10 bags) & nothing worked or maybe is working but i'm just confused . cos it's after a week now & my period still hasn't come yet :/ I can't let my mum know about this until m sure that abortion has taken place then ill probably tell her after ! Will Hard sex work out ???? Somebody ! i need to get a Straight Yes / No answer by tomorrow or someday soon just before 1st of September ! i'm running outta date ... Now its the 26th of August !!! -_- I just cant wait to get this over & end with :3
Thank You ! that is all .... x
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