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baby is dropping

Aiden has been dropping for the past week or so and it seems like my stomach is getting lower and lower..should i worry about him dropping already since i am only 34 weeks and a couple days? i will be 35 weeks on Saturday. should i bring it up at my doctors appointment on friday?
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I wouldnt worry about it.  The doctors will notice on Friday when you go.  I just got back from the Dr's and My Sarah has already dropped and they said her head is engaged??? I'm not quite sure that that means but i'm sure i'll find out  LOL

Good luck friday
Keep us posted
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Girl, I would be glad!!!!  I wish my baby would drop right on out as I am getting so tired of being pregnant!!!  It is normal for the baby to drop and to get head down in the birth canal.  As long as your not having contractions, I would not worry a bit!!  You should be going to the doc every other week so they are probably keeping a close check on things.
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Let us know how your appointment goes today!
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i've been going to the doctor every two weeks since 28 weeks...i will let you all know how things go today
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got back from the doctors..the baby's head is pretty far down she said..she said he may be here the end of september.
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I've been getting punched repeatedly in the cervix and/or bladder.  Ouch!  Is this a sign of the baby dropping?
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I'm 34 weeks and 4 days so 35 weeks on saturday
The baby is 1/5 engaged and iv been uncomfortable
For ages how long does anyone think it'll
Take for my boy to be here I'm due 14th january
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