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need a doctor to answer this and anyone else who can. For some reason I can not figure out why out of the millions of people online, I can not find anyone that has gone through the same thing as me. Before I was pregnant I was taking xanax for 9 years b/c of severe panic attacks. When I found out I was pregnant my doctor told me to quit taking them. It took 1 month 1/2 to quit but alot of people and doctors say that with how much I was taking that I did it quick. My ob/gyn told me that he has never met or dealt with anyone that was taking xanax before or while pregnant.

My question is, is there anyone else out there that has taken xanax before they found out they were pregnant and somewhat during? I am not taking them now, I am just wondering b/c I feel that I am all alone considering I can not find anyone with the same problem. TY
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I was not taking xanax and also do not have panic attacks BUT I was taking Lexapro (the generic version) for depression. I am now wondering what it is you wish to share in this experience.
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I am confused b/c my doctor told me he has never met or dealt with anyone on xanax before, so that right there scares me. Although he is a high risk doctor, he doesn't know about xanax. I can not figure out why there is noone that has ever been on xanax before being pregnant, noone seems to have had a glass of wine, and noone has seemed to have smoked cigarettes while pregnant. I am just wanting to know if there is anyone else out there that has been on xanax before pregnant, had wine while pregnant. Everytime I ask a question, it seems that everyone has not or does not know anyone who has.

It would just be conforting if someone else has done something. lol that probably sounds weird.
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basically this whole fas thing scares me and I keep thinking that everything in the book is wrong with my baby. I guess I could have put that. I keep looking at the sono pics and can not quit reading about everything that could be wrong with the baby.

Might be hormones but I will read something that talks about fas and I will freak and start crying. do not know : /
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I was on xanax it is a class C No known damage in human fetus. Can lower fetal heartrate. Do not worry about that. Do worry about your Dr he sounds kinda clueless.
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lol TY

when did you quit taking xanax? Were you pregnant at the time?
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30- weeks as of friday and took 1/2 a 0.5mg wed???? I am with Wake Forest baptist medical Center and my Doc is Dr David C Merrill, google him. He is head of the dept and assoc professor of high risk OB GYN. He says it is fine if the benefit clearly outweighs the risk. I take it very rarely I got 20 in May and have 9 left. But when bloodpressure is a rising... It is safer. Melatonin is perfectly safe for sleep and anx. NO risk at all.  I am shocked and scared he has never heard of a preg pt on xanax. It is rather common unless he normally works with compulsive liars. I , alike you, disclose to my Dr, It has been a rough preg, but I feel that just makes me want a perfectly healthy baby all  the more.
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ok so you are 30 weeks pregnant and still take xanax?
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yes, rarely. the doc says no prob. I only take it when I feel "trapped panic" like I can't breathe- heart going way too fast..etc. for day to day I use melatonin.
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I was on xanax for 9 years. I took (4) 1mg a day.

1mg is blue
5mg is pink
I think .25 is white

once a month or every 2 months I take 1/2 of a white b/c I get panic. So when you said that you take 1/2 a 5mg, did you mean 1/2 a pink?
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537664 tn?1372783057
also equivalent to 1 white one
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yea b/c I was trying to explain the xanax thingy to my fiance. I told him that...

2 white are 1 pink
2 pink are 1 blue

and what I take once a month or every 2 months which is 1/2 a white, and 16 white is 4 blue I think. That is crazy. I quit taking (4) 1mg a day in a month 1/2. Most people have told me that that was completely crazy b/c I could have had a seizure and believe me it felt like I was going to have something. I was calling the pharmacy everyday asking if I was dying. That is the worst feeling. I felt like I was sitting against an iceblock. I felt frozen. What is wild is that when I was taking (4) 1 mg a day, they didn't calm me down but now when I take awhole lot less like 1/2 a white, it relaxes me. I wonder why that is. I need to be put on something after the baby is born for my panic attacks. My doctor said that I can take zoloft. But I am affraid to.
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the baby changes your metabolism. Do not take an antidepressant that can cause abnormal serotonin production for you and babe.  you are fine on the 1/2 white.
white 0.25 mg
peach/pink 0.5mg
Blue 1mg
white "pie or bar" 2mg
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that is weird. the whole bar thingy. I am always hearing people talk about taking xanax bars and never knew what they were till now. That is crazy for them to want to just pop pills like that. I started taking xanax by popping them then I actually needed them and after a few years they didnt work. When my son is born I need to take something that isnt addictive.
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omg are you serious? so buspar is basically a higher dose of xanax? when I took buspar it made me panic. Man I was seeing a guy floating on the ceiling. I do not agree with buspar
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buspar is not a higher dose of xanax it is buspirone hcl xanax is alprazolam. Buspar is not addictive, and used to treat anxiety but it sounds like you may be intolerant. Try the melatonin. 1mg up to 3x daily it is all natural and may help. Not addictive at all. good luck
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I am a big scaredy when it comes to certian things I have been freaking since I found out I was pregnant. I did a lot of stuff before I found out I wasn't addicted to the stuff but I am scared something will be wrong with the baby. So I am skiddish about doing certain stuff. My hubby is a truck driver so I am home alone a lot by myself and don't have many ppl come over or talk to I am afraid they are going to try to do stuff or walk all over me but I have bad panic attacks and it's hard for me to sleep at night when he is gone cause Im so freaked. Does anyone think it would be ok to take 0.5 mg Xanax just to calm me down before bedtime so maybe I can get some good rest. I use to take a lot of meds but I quit cause of being pregnant not sure if it was a good idea but the meds were giving the baby high risk of defects when born and I didn't want to take that chance it's my first pregnancy and I'm 20 wks now I'm lucky to even be pregnant considering the drs notes
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Most people do not wat to admit it. That is the only reason i can figure out. People are very judgemental unfortunately. I wish i knew some answers cause i have those same questions myself. U r not alone.
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