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I was wondering how long in your pregnancy do you have to be for it to show up on a pregnancy test.I've been trying to figure out when I conceived my son.Because of moving circumstances I wasn't able to see a doctor till last week Thursday.She did an ultrasound and by the measurements of the ultrasound she said that I was due Nov.8.I don't think it's accurate for the simple fact that a positive pregnancy test came up on the fourteenth of feburary of this year.I remember my lmp being around the third or fourth of jan of 08.I figured that if my due date was to be Nov.8 that  would mean that I would have conceived between the 11 to 15 of feburary and if that was the case my test wouldn't have been       positive on the 14th of the same month.That's why I'm wondering how far along do you have to be in a pregnancy for your test to show up.I also took a home pregnancy test the beginning of feburary not sure what day and those two test also came up positive.Can anyone help me to when I conceived?
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Ok, you have been pregnant for a long time now and are probably due soon.  Have you not been to a doctor or had any ultrasounds???
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Going by your dates you would be due about the 12th of Oct.

My LMP was Jan 5 and I am due Oct 11. I have a 26 day cycle (you did not state your cycle length) but either way if your LMP was in Jan then Oct is when you are due. If your dates are dated by ultrasound then I would be concerned because it goes on measurement of the fetus.

There are websites that you can punch in dates (LMP) and it will give approx. dates of conception but you need to know your cycle length.

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As I said in my earlier post there are many sites and this was the first one I went to after Googling "due date predictor". Punch in your dates of your LMP and it will tell you when you most likely conceived according to your cycle length.


Good Luck to you!

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