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Glucose Test

I did a 1-hour glucose test today (if you're confused you usually do this test around week 26). The reason I had it was because my doctor wants to check for Gestational Diabetes each trimester since I'm at higher risk for developing it thanks to my stupid PCOS. Pray I don't get GD!

Anyway, I think test will show normal. Otherwise I have to do the 3-hour glucose test (NOT FUN)! I also had blood drawn for regular prenatal tests. In all they took 5 vials of my blood. I find it fascinating and don't mind needles. Anyway, that's what was up with me today. Oh, and then I got McDonalds for dinner because they are right by the hospital and we never get it so the kiddos were EXCITED, to say the least, when I walked in the door.

What was up with you today?
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I got one of those done today(the glucose test)...they also took 5 vials on me too!!  When should those results be back??  I forgot to ask!!
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Are they testing you every trimester, too?

I don't know when we'd get the results either. Most likely at your next appointment unless there is a problem with the results.
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I have a family history of diabetes so I guess I will be tested every trimester...they didn't say anything about it though, so I am not sure.  Have you had GD with any of your others??
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