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Glucose test

hi ladies..i just recently joined this forum, i was due nov 1 but am scheduled for a c-section on oct 30! ok, i go for my glucose test tomorrow- should i eat something before i go or not? i asked the nurse at my dr's office and she said it didnt matter. so i just want to know what you guys did and if you passed or not...im a little nervous even tho i never had a problem with my other pregnancies.my friend that lives next door to me said for me to eat a little protein but i have read some posts with people saying by eating they think thats why they failed...so please let me know what you all did- thanks!
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I was told you can eat a toast of bread, eggs and drink water in the morning of the day you do your glucose test. I was told not to eat anything past 12am the night before. I passes! I honestly don't think your supposed to just eat anything cause if so then I don't think you'll pass your glucose test and won't be accurate. Example. I drank my glucose drink in the house at 9:15am. I had to arrive at my clinic at 10am and told the front desk what time I took the glucose test. I had to arrive 15 minutes before so they can have me back there and draw my blood exactly an hour after I took the drink. Blood was drawn at 10:15am.
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when i took mine they didnt say anything about fasting, BUT if results come up a little high and u need a 3 hour test then yes that is fasting but the one hour i ate like normal 1 piece of toast wth peanut butter yogurt and juice
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thanks ladies, i ended up eating a few bites of a sausage, egg and cheese burrito and drank some water. my neighbor thats a nurse told me to eat some protein. then when i got there the lady that took my blood said its usually better if you dont eat anything. so i should know the results later this afternoon when i call the dr's office.
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You are supposed to eat what you normally eat so the test is accurate. If you do have GD you definitely want to treat it.

I ate what I always eat for breakfast (cereal) and went off to do the test. My result was 137. Anything over 140 is considered GD. To be on the safe side they DID have me do the 3-hour test but I passed that one with flying colors. And the 3-hour is the fasting one.
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