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Do any of you get terrible sinus drainage while you are pregnant?  Man mine is awful.  It was that way when I was pregnant with my 2 year old.  It makes me really sick in the mornings.
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I am totally experiencing it! It feels like your run-of-the-mill cold, though. My throat felt scratchy this morning and my voice sounds weird today. Don't know if it is really a cold or just from pregnancy. My nose won't stop running either.
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I had the same symptoms last week. It started Wednesday night and left Sunday. What can it be? That's weird. It must be a preggo thing!
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ive had a cold and congestion and drainage for 2 weeks now...yuck its so awful!
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With Jeremiah I had it really bad!! Two days ago I started getting post-nasal drip and sinus pain...ugh...it must be starting. But it's so hard to tell whether it's a cold or just from pregnancy. I feel nauseous enough...and this just makes it 10 times worse. lol. But I am thankful for it! =)
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My old doctor told me that your secretions double when you are pregnant sometimes.
I am sure it is a pregnancy thing.  I had the same things.
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Well I guess one way to determine if you have a cold or if it is just a pregnancy symptom is if your snot is green/yellow or clear. YUCK! But it works to figure it out. Guess mine is a pregnancy symptom.
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I'm so paranoid!!!!!! Why do I gotta wait till I'm at least 7-8weeks preggo to go to my first appointment.... =(  I don't like the waiting and wondering. I wish I could to see it to calm my nerves. I had one miscarriage and it really freaks me out. Yesturday I had to buy my tacos. I went to bed kinda bloated and my belly looked kinda big. This morning it's really flat. But I know I'm not supposed to be showing yet anyway. Can't wait till my first ultrasound!!!!! Don't like waiting. grrrrrrrrr
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Joy, I guess mine is a pregnancy symptom then! yay! =) I remember with Jeremiah I had such an awful cold it felt like the flu...it was right around 6-7 weeks and I couldn't even move or get out of bed for 2 days. I think now that I have Jeremiah, I have no choice and have to keep moving (even though I feel like c r ap)....He is always so busy and on the go!! =)

kellyjo....I know how you feel!! I haven't even had an appt yet...except to have blood drawn and I don't get to see my baby on u/s until March 25!!!! I will be just about 12 weeks by then and I am nervous as heck! I think they just want  you to wait so they have a better chance at seeing the baby on u/s...if it's too early you may not see much and that will make you worry more! Hang in there! =)
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