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Which do you like better?

Okay, DH and I have had a name for a girl picked out for a long time but now I'm wondering which middle name sounds better. I will not post my last name but I will tell you that it is a two-syllable last name. So let's pretend my last name is Johnston (it's not, but sounds close enough).

I'm not interested if people don't like the name, so please keep those thoughts to yourself or don't vote. Just interested in which middle name suits the first the best!  
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I like zoe elizabeth better because it sounds like two names.  I certainly like both names and I can see where you are having a hard time.  when you say zoe beth fast it sounds like you have just change elizabeth to zoebeth, which, again doesnt sound bad either.    Does that make sense to anyone????
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I do see what you mean! I think that's part of why I'm debating which middle name to go with now.

Zoe means LIFE and Beth means PROMISE OF GOD. So when I was battling with infertility the name loosely translates to, "A PROMISE OF LIFE FROM GOD".

The middle name is actually after DH's sister (whose middle name is Elizabeth). But when I use a namesake I like to change it up and not keep it exactly the same. For instance:

My firstborn's middle name is Joi (spelled different; but the name is after me).
My second daughter's middle name is Lynn (after her Nonna, Lindee).
So instead of doing Elizabeth I really liked Beth.

We shall see! I might not even be having a girl and I'll have worried about all of this for nothing. Thank you everyone for your votes!!!

Now I'm thinking... what about Zoe Renée? That would be after my middle name.
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*Renée means "Born again" or "Reborn".
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I like Zoe Beth....it just seems to flow better and rolls right off the tongue. I also like Zoe Renee now that you mention it! We are having such a difficult time with names...lol..good luck!! If I had to decide...I would go with Zoe Beth. It's so cute.
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Joy- I like Elizabeth! I dunno it sounds better its like Zoe its already short and i think a full name would fit best with it so Elizabeth goes really well!
That's neat you named your DD after you if i have a 2nd daughter someday she will be Joy my name as well for the middle! im naming my first girl after my mom and great granny which will be Kristine!
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Wow - we were planning on naming the girl 'Hayden Elizabeth' -- I love the name.  But it's also the name of my favorite niece, so that's why I wanted to do it.

My brother also gave Elizabeth my first name as her middle :)
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my nieces middle name is Elizabeth and i love it i also like the name Renee.......i had Khloe Delayne picked out the whole TTC journey and have since changed the name to Stacia Renee........i think Zoe Beth is great if you want to change it up!!!
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Elizabeth sounds good to me. Maybe I'm biased because it's our Queen's name...lol If I have a girl, I'm also planning to call it Elizabeth as the middle name. The spooky thing is Renee` is also my second choice. Renee` will be in honour of my childhood friend who passed away when she was 17. She was called Renia but we always called her Rennie.

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i think Zoe is the cutest and it really goes well with Elizabeth. Zoe Renee is so nice because its' after you... well, difficult choice ;-)
anyway your baby will be ADORABLE!!!!

take care
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Awww, thanks for all your responses!

I think it's so funny that many of us are contemplating Renee or Elizabeth in one spelling or another.

I think I'm going to shelf the name for now until we find out what we're having. My gut is telling me GIRL but I'm always wrong (so much for instinct)!
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