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is my baby ok

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant today and am paranoid something will go wrong. Its our first baby and we had to use the drug clomid to get pregnant, i also suffered a missed miscarriage last year and am terrified something will go wrong or the baby's heart will stop beating. I had a 20week scan last week and it all looked ok, i had to go and eat something as the baby was'nt moving. And she said i was measuring about 4 or 5 days behind my dates(which i know are exact because of the fertility drug) which is worrying me. She said it all looked normal but the baby was likely to be small like me. The thing is, i have'nt really felt a definite kick yet, i have felt the odd twitch but nothing i could call a regular pattern of certain movement. So many things i've read say you should be able to define the moves by this time and notice a pattern. I also have a fetal heart monitor, a cheap one from Argos and i cant seem to make out the rhythmic drumming of the baby's heart which is adding to my concern(uneccesarilary quite possibly). Im really worrying myself and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same concerns or has any reasurance for me. Thank you so much.   Good luck to allXXXX
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It is okay not to feel a definate pattern of kicks yet. I had a miscarriage in Dec. '03 and a miscarriage Nov. '08 and my son was born March 15 2004 at five weeks early. I had problems with this one in the beginning but went Friday for my U/S and everything was fine. I do not feel but flutters every now and then. They say you feel your second and so on babies earlier than you feel your first but I haven't really. Just rest and take it easy. Everything will be fine. I know its hard not to worry but with this one I have learned worry just stresses you and that IS bad for the baby. As far as the heart monitor, I bought one at Walmart a few weeks ago and still have yet to be able to hear my son's heartbeat. As long as they said on the U/S everything looked fine and they can get the heartbeat at the Dr.'s office that is strong and healthy you have nothing to worry about. Just look forward to your Dr.'s visits. I have had to go every 2 weeks since I have gotten pregnant and waiting to get to the Dr.'s office to hear that heartbeat is what I live for between visits. I know everything WILL BE FINE and wish you the best of luck. Oh yea, and as far as the size of the baby, they freaked me out cause my babies legs are a week behind its body and head and I thought he would have walking disorders and the Dr. who has been one for FOREVER, *I think she is older than my grandmother, LOL*, said he is just going to be short and fat. LOL. So it will all be alright.

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I just wanted to let you know that I have been having the same feelings that you have been!!  I am 20 weeks and haven't really felt him move, like you I have felt twitches I think.  I have had 5 miscarriages before this and think that his poor little heart has just stopped beating....but I know it will come in time and HAVE to stop worrying!!!  It def not good for the baby!!  Can't wait till he starts to move more to where I can feel it....seems like forever!!  Good luck to you!!
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With my first I could feel definate kicks very early.  with this one I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and only know it is baby movement because I have felt it before.  You are definately quite normal!  The docs usually say you can feel baby kick every day by 25 weeks.  I never noticed a huge pattern with my son as both of you describe, so patterns, I wouldnt worry too much about.  The worry will go down DRAMATICALLY when you can feel baby kick every day.  You will ahve a daily reassurance that they are ok and you will be able to enjoy it much more at that point.  it is coming SOON!!!
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I don't feel any pattern either... In fat I just felt him for the first time today (!). I'm 19 w 2d and I feel movement but definitely not quicks.
Like all of you I always wonder if he's ok, if his heart is beating, etc but I mean these are normal feelings, I guess this is just the start of motherhood... At least for 1st time mommies like me ;)

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