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pre-pregnancy consultation

as i am 35 now. i had a baby boy 6 months ago but he died after 48 days, want to take precautionary steps before next pregnancy.doctors were having some suspections about him as he was a down baby only by his facial appearence.my baby died because of pneumonia  and diareah. he was then hospiyalised for 10 days before his death .please advise.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine going through what you went through.
I don't know much about anything but I'm not sure what steps you could of taken to minimize your risk of a downs baby.

As far as I know it all comes down to egg quality.  And you don't really have control over that.  You might want to go over to the preg 35+ board as those ladies (myself included) are 35 or older and ttc or pregnant and maybe are a bit more knowledgeable about statistics etc...

Good Luck,
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My name is ritu. I am 30 now. my first baby expire in 8th month in stometch and Next baby boy died after 3 month (sudden death) in pregnancy Now at this time I have no baby.
at present I ignore  pregency one year and 3 month.  after second baby death then Dr. suggest  Torch Test. When I done.  then rubella igg 45% and cmv igg 15%.  After Test take vaccine for Rubella. and today 15-07-2010 now Repect Tourch Test   I get Rubella igg 4% its Normal but CMV IGG 12% . NOW AT TIME TIME WHAT CAN I DO. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME MEDICIANE.
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