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Anyone else O- blood type?

Hey everyone. So I'm O- and before I even entered my 2nd trimester it was causing problems. I've had 2 instances of unexplained bleeding; one was so bad it looked like I was on my period and I freaked out. The doctor gave me a shot of Rogam and said no sex basically (which is fine for me right now but DH is having a difficult time). Anyone else have these types of problems with O- blood? Did they get any better as pregnancy continued (Like being able to have sex?)
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I am O+, but my mother on the other hand is O- and she always had to have the shot with all 6 of us. She was pregnant 6 times and had 6 healthy babies one of the was even born at home.
Take care of yourself...sex can wait.
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I'm O- and wanted to let you know that being RH negative does NOT effect you in early pregnancy.  Just because you got the Rogam shot doesn't mean that the RH negative was causing the issue.  You get the shot so you don't get sensitized and have issues in the future.  If you are RH sensitized it could cause issues in late pregnancy (3rd trimester).  

I had some spotting with my second pregnancy and needed the Rogam shot, but for me I had a missed miscarriage.  And trust me I did a lot of research and asked a lot of dr's, but being RH negative does not effect early pregnancy, and only effects late pregnancy if and only if you are sensitized.

Typically anyone who bleeds in early pregnancy is put on Pelvic rest, and depending on what the issue is it could be for a while, or it could be for a few weeks.  Your best bet is to talk to your dr about when he/she thinks it'll be safe for you.  

I know it's hard to go with out it, it was very hard for DH and I during the miscarriage part, but what we did was just find other "alternatives" that satisfied each other (well as much as we could on "pelvic rest", it was defiantly more for him than me).

Now, around 28 weeks you will most likely get another Rogam shot (depending on when you had your shot, you may or may not have it), then once your child is born, if your child has positive blood you will need another shot with in 72 hours of giving birth.

I hope that helps!  I'm sorry to hear about the bleeding, I'm glad things are still going good though!
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Im RH Neg. I found out 5 years ago when I was pregnant. I was spotting and went to see what was wrong. When I went in thats when they told me I was RH neg and me and my baby blood was not compatible. The gave me the shot. To make a long story short I had a miscarriage.  And here I am 5 years later and pregnant again with my first. Im 2 months pregnant and I dont have my first appt for another week and a half. I havent had any bleeding or any other problems (thank God) but I was told that the shot they gave me 5 years ago was suppose to prevent any problems with future pregnancies, and I should get another one at 28 weeks. But when I go to the doctor I will make sure I tell them all I went through with my last pregnancy to make sure all goes perfect with this one :)
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