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Childbirth Methods

Just wondering what everyone plans on using during their labour or what methods they have been looking into?

Personally....I've been educating myself on the Bradley Method and started the perineal massage to prepare myself. I want to try to do it naturally. I'm not counting anything out but I feel this is the best choice and am hoping and praying that I can do it.
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Most important thing is to not freak yourself out.  All depends on your pain tolerance level.  Personally, my first was natural, not by choice, but it wasn't that bad.  By the time the anaesthesiologist got there I had progressed too far and they couldn't do the epidural.  Contractions got pretty bad but never too much to handle.  My second two kids I had epidural.  First one was fine, but when they tried to put the needle in last time, they found that I had some scar tissue from the first epidural and had a hard time finding a space to put it in.  That was more painful than anything else I had experienced!  They finally found a space, but had to do it 4 times before it was successful.  My recovery time without the epidural was shorter.  Obviously, everyone's experience is different and what works best for one person won't work at all for another.  My next one, I'll be doing au naturale.  You have a lot to think about!  I wish you the best of luck. : )
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I don't have a "method" per se. We're planning on staying home for most if not all of the labor and birth. Dim lighting, calm atmosphere. Warm showers and baths. Lots of back massaging. 100% natural so I can tell what's going on with my body. I trust my instincts enough to know when to switch positions and everything.

You have to believe you can do it without anything before you can actually do it the way our ancestors all did!
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Well I'm having a c-section so pretty much that leaves me no options.
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I have been doing Bradley method classes and I plan on having our baby at home. I am confident in my body and baby that everything will go well.
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I'm  hoping for a fully natural labor.  When I'm in early stages of labor my Chiropractor is going to do an adjustment (If she's around) that I guess will help me relax, etc.  I also plan to head over to my in-laws and play some cards while we wait for me to be closer to 3 min apart.  At that point I'll be doing a lot of walking and hopefully I'll make it into the hot tub this time!  For pushing I plan to push on all 4's.  Granted it might not happen, but if I need any kind of intervention I'm only going to get the IV pain meds, With my son it was horrible and I managed it with out an epidural so I know I can do it again.

Also, I'm not going to let them break my watter unless it's 100% necessary, I feel that's where my labor with my son went in the opposite direction then what I wanted.

I have gotten the paperwork on the prenatal massaging, but I haven't started it yet, I'm hoping to try to make more time this week but things at work and school have made it very difficult.

The best advise I have from going through with my son is try to find ways to help you relax, talk to your partner/labor coach about it.  And don't just do what the dr's say make sure your not in the "mood" that your partner questions why there doing stuff and why it needs to be now (another words can you put it off).

Good Luck!  Were getting pretty close, I can't wait to start hearing women's stories!
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Hypnobabies!!!  :)  I'm doing a twin vbac, so this method is perfect for me.  I've been working on it since I was 28 weeks pregnant, and am now 37 weeks pregnant today!  My "guess date" is 10/4.
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