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Dizzy, Faint, Nauseas....?

Okay ladies, I have a serious question now. So far, this pregnancy has been considerably healthy, I've made it three weeks past where my son was born and I though I was home free.. the only thing different this time has been low blood pressure (which is normal in pregnancy so it wasn't anything to worry about). A few weeks ago I had some bouts of extreme dizziness to the point the room would spin. I started drinking Ensure and all seemed well. This last Saturday I started feeling dizzy again, I didn't worry about it. Then Sunday I was sitting at my computer and I started to feel super dizzy, I got really hot feeling, and then I started fading out. I didn't quite black out, but I was very close. I took it easy and relaxed. Sunday night I woke up about 3 am spinning crazily and feeling sick. I was up most of the night feeling that way after that. I took it easy yesterday and I really thought I was better. Then this morning it all started again and now I just feel exhausted, sick, light headed.

Sorry this is a novel....

I have not talked to my midwife at the Birth Center yet- I'm afraid if I call them and it's NOT serious they will red flag me and send me to an OB where I will be required to have a repeat c-section. BUT I'm trying to gauge when enough is enough and this becomes dangerous. It just seems so sudden and so hard hitting. I'm eating PLENTY and drinking tons of water, but it's not doing a whole lot of good.

HELP. Any ideas?
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Your iron might be super low try to take some extra iron supplements and eating more fruit
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I was going to say that it is a sign that iron can be low. It is also EXTREMELY common in late pregnancy. For the last week I have been getting hot flashes where I feel dizzy and nauseous and light headed and when I asked my doctor she said it is normal and not to be worried about it. However, I have never had it happen to me while I was sleeping and woke up to feel that way. I would contact your doctor and see what they say just to be on the safe side.
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My cousin suffers from the samething and they tell her that her iron level is low. I joked with her today that she needed a big steak dinner.
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Well I caved and talked to them. They told me it's normal and suggested iron and dehydration. Considering how much water and steak I ingest I knew it wasn't any of that. Iron was 12.4 which is perfect and urine dip shows I'm not dehydrated... not to mention I drink so much freakin water it's insane. I'm now on a "modified bed-rest" and they suggested I not drive a car in case I pass out and I'm supposed to continue to monitor and see what happens... that's kind of a scary thought.
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I was going to say iron as well, because I had the same problem about a month ago and I hadn't been eating enough meat because it was making me ill. So when I found out about it, I started experimenting to find stuff I liked. We ended up eating steak for about three weeks until everyone complained lol. Hope you can get it figured out and get your VBAC.
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I'm so sorry to hear that.  I've dealt with that a few times during this pregnancy.  What I found worked the best for me was to stay in a very cool place and my midwife also suggested adding some more salt into my diet.  For me I really don't eat much salt and when I added some into my diet I started to notice a big difference.  (Although if you already consume a lot of salt that might not be the case).

I hope you start feeling better soon!  We've just started getting fall weather this week and it's been so nice!  The cool weather really is starting to help me feel at least a little more comfortable.
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I have same problem. Hot flashes, dizziness..As soon as temperature is above 22 degrees I feel bad. I had to take with me cold pack and put on my head to cool down. My doctor is confused. Everything is fine. No problem with thyroid, no problem with hemoglobin, no problem with iron. He said to me he will refer me to endocrinologist for a further testing. I am at 32 weeks and it is hard to deal with. One of the doctor's at the emergency suggested to drink Gatorade. But really there is nothing firm to know how to help us with this problem. If I get some answers I will let you know.
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