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Ladies...It's finally here, Our October 2010 forum. How far along is everyone, when is your due date. Any symptoms yet?
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I'll go first lol.

This is my 3rd pregnancy (one child 9/27/2005 & stillborn birth 11/6/2009). We are so excited to be pregnant again and look forward to see this baby. I'm due October 12th but I believeI'll deliever a week or so early like my daughter. The only symptom I have is using the bathroom. That's really about it.

Congratulations to everyone!
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Woo I'm so excited. I'm 4 weeks and 3 days I believe. I had a miscarriage in October 2009 so having a new baby due in October is sweet. I miscarried at 5 weeks so I'm a little nervous.
I have basically one sore breast...both feel heavier but the left is the one that hurts. I've been moody at times..LOL poor DH and that's about it. My acne has really flared up but is starting to get a little better....I wash my face like 3 times a day to keep it from getting sooo oily!!
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Sorry about your lost..I had to have my son at 21 wks in Nov because a problem with his kidneys. Honestly I'm not worried just looking forward to my 1st appt, I believe I should be able to have my u/s then. My appt isn't for another month.

I'm not sore I keep waiting on the ligiment (msp) pains but nothing yet. Would've taken another test if it wasnt for me always going to the bathroom.  My breast aren't sore yet but I'm sure after I type this they will start to hurt. lol With my last pregnancy I got so many bumps on my face...it looked like a mini planet lol

Any cravings yet?
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Hi girls! I am so glad we have a forum now! I am 5 wks 5 days and due Oct 7 if I calculated right. We did IUI and are so excited that it worked! This is my first pregnancy and super excited! We have female (PCOS) and male (poor morphology) factor fertility issues and were given no hope or options from my OB two years ago so we pursued adoption. We had two failed adoptions in Oct 2008 and Oct 2009 so I am so excited that I will get my own October baby in 2010! Those other two were not meant to be b/c God had another plan for us! We love our fertility specialist b/c she gave us such hope and now here we are! So glad we re-evaluated our options!!

As for symptoms, I have been tired, bloated, going to the bathroom a lot, stretching in my uterus, occasional nausea, and now very hungry! We go for our 6 week ultrasound on Feb 11. I can't wait!

Hope you guys are doing well! Can't wait to take this journey together!
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WHEW HOOO!!!!! Finally time to celebrate October babies!!! I've been waiting and watching daily for this forum to appear!

My name is Sam. I am currently due around the first week of October, but that might change after the first sonogram. We had a D&C done for a blighted ovum on December 23rd and actually never got AF after that so it's really hard to decide when this happened, but it did and here I am!!!

Symptoms so far are basically really random. Breast tenderness but it has eased up a LOT, nausea mainly in the evenings, leg cramps, GAS (haha). Headaches headaches headaches. Thank goodness we can still have tylenol.

Cravings- NONE. No appetite really yet....I can't wait lol.
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Hi! I read your post, i have my six week ultra sound on the eleventh as well. I posted a question a few minutes ago if you girls don't mind reading. I have alot of questions. It is my first pregnancy as well. I hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy and a even heathier baby!
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Hi!  I've been wondering when it would be created!  I'm due Oct 6th, this is my third pregnancy, my son is 21 months old, and I had a missed miscarriage before this.  I'm very excited!  I've been feeling everything!  I can't eat, totally bloated, had 3 headakes so far :( LOTS of food cravings, etc.  So sad I can't eat sushi, just making me sick!  sore breast/nipples, ugh :(  Oh, and I"m obsessed with coke can't stand pepsi, yet now that I'm pregnant I'm craving diet Pepsi like crazy!!!

I've been keeping track of my weight pretty closely, I'm determined to not gain too much weight this time!  I'm very excited to continue my Monday work outs (light stuff), and in a few months I want to start Pre-natle Yoga :)

I've also decided to see a Chiropractor during the entire pregnancy.  My sister in law had a baby and she delivered her baby breach with no pain meds!  She said it wasn't that bad, and that the Chiropractics did help a LOT.  I guess the hormones mess with some of that stuff or something?

I have my first apt this Wednesday the 10th, I'll be 6 weeks, and I believe I'll be getting an ultrasound.
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Hi ladies.  Due 10/19 based on when I believe I ovulated.  I am super excited and staying positive.  This is my 6th pregnancy, but had 2 miscarriages in 2009...blighted ovum 4/09 and spontaneous m/c 12/09.  I have 2 beautiful sons already, and hoping that God will bless me with a little girl, but I will be just as happy if I get a boy.  My first appt. is 2/24, at which point I will be 6 weeks and they will do an ultrasound since I miscarried twice in the last year.  I hope it's sticky this time!  SSBD to the rest of you!!!  
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I'm 4 weeks and a few days... I am due October 4th. My symptoms were non-existent until yesterday! Now I have morning sickness. This is my third pregnancy, I am a mom to a 19 month old, and I recently had a miscarriage 2 months ago.  I'm very excited about this pregnancy. I was 8 weeks when I had my miscarriage so I'm still a little scared but very hopeful and confident that this one will be ok.

Did any of the other women who had miscarriages DO anything that they thought might cause the miscarriage?? For me I had a lot going on, I started exercising, I was on a raw food diet (fruits and veggies only), I had been drinking more than usual, I also drank coffee every day, I was under a lot of stress... so I'm thinking that because I quit drinking coffee, I quit drinking alcohol, I have been eating healthy, and I've been taking care of myself as if I were pregnant for quite some time now... I have a good feeling about this pregnancy!!  
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Oh... well according to another source, I'm  6 WEEKS  and 1 day!!! I thought I was only 4 weeks!!!  Cool!!
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Hi everyone!!!! I'm Tasha, I'm 6 weeks pregnant now, and I'm so excited!! I haven't told my doctor yet, but I think I'll tell him when I'm about 8 weeks since he wont see me until I'm 8 weeks pregnant anyway. I'm glad I found this group of gals who are having babies at the same time as me!!
I have a one little girl who will be 2years in June, and I think this will be a perfect age gap. I'm praying that this baby is healthy, that is all that matters. I don't care if I have a girl or a boy, just as long as it' healthy!!! I had a miscarriage in November, I knew it was just nature doing it's job, and I accepted it as for the best.

So far I feel pretty good, I've had a little morning sickness, and my lower back hurts sometimes. Also, I do feel like little sharp pains in my abdomen area from time to time, and my appetite has been kinda weird, but I feel good. I do have to get up and pee once a night but that's nothing compared to some of my friends who went every 30 mins!!! OMG! I'm glad I don't have that problem.

So here's to a happy healthy pregnancy for all of us!!!
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Hiya all,

Well this is my first pregnancyand im sooooo nervous and scared something is going to go wrong.  My doc thinks im about 6 weeks and 4 days although it could be more as i had very irregular cycles sometime upto 4 days and my last period was only 2 days so may have been implantation rather than a period! Im just waiting for my first appointment with midwife but told will be between 10-12 weeks so a good few weeks wait yet!!!! Hours before i got my BFP i was actually in the hospital with my partner been told that with my irregular cycles and his very low sperm count that we would more then likely have to join the IVF register!!! We came out feeling very down that it would be a good couple of years before we would have our first baby to then do a test and find out i was pregnant!!! Honestly it was like a miracle, it was the happiest day of our lives! Now im just hoping this little baby sticks like mad because its been in a one in a million chance of ever happening naturally for us.

So whats everyones symptoms at the mo???  Im absolutely shattered, mainly on an evening after 6pmish i just want to sleep.  Ive been feeling a little nausea only on an evening though.  I did have really tender breasts and stomach cramps but that all seems to have stopped now too! Im really hoping that its not a bad sign to not be feeling anything.  Oh and weeing, im constantly at the toilet people must think i have a problem.

cant wait to hear from you all and get to know more about everyone over the next 9 months.

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