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She won't eat babyfood!

So my daughter is 8 1/2 mths and lately she will NOT eat any baby food.. First I was thinking maybe she isn't hungry but this morning when she woke up I waited about 1 hour then got out a jar of pears and she kept her mouth shut and would cry when I brought the spoon to her mouth. I finally did get her to eat about 2oz but she fought me throughout the whole thing.

then I poured myself a bowl of cereal- took one and brought it to her mouth and what do you think? she opened up wide and took it?

Is anyone else having this problem? She seems to only want the foods we eat. Some mornings we have breakfast like eggs and toast and she eats that fine.

I don't want to give her eggs everyday so what are other things to give for breakfast? Remember she is only 8 1/2 mths.

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Navy is at that stage too. You can cut up fruit into tiny pieces and she can eat it. Navy LOVES bananas and blueberries and mandarin oranges and will pick them off her high chair tray. She's very independent. If I make something at night such as stew shell eat super tiny bites of meat (super tiny) and small cut up carrots and potatoes. Pretty much anything that doesn't have too many spices and can be mashed up easily is good to give them.
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Yesd lunch and dinner I dont have a roblem because I usually give her what we're having but mash it up.

She loves steames veggies And strawberries! I've given her bananas before & she doesn't really like it. It was a little while ago so I will try that again. Haven't tried the mandarin oranges but I think i will.

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There is nothing wrong with giving her small bits and mashed-up pieces of adult food, at 8 months, if she can swallow them without choking or gagging.  Ask your pediatrician about this.  There is no law that they have to eat that bland baby food out of the jars.  Even baby-food pureed fruit tastes a lot worse than the kind they make for adults (I'm thinking applesauce, and those canned peaches, and all.)  Talk to the pedi about it all.
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You could give her cut up pieces of toast or just regular oatmeal with fruit in it.
I don't feed Brady dairy but you could also try out some yogurt with fruit too.
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I made a Baby Food Group you could join. It's not too busy just yet but there's a bit of action!

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Everyone suggested what I was thinking. I still make Peri's food so for the most part she earned what we do. Have you tried Pouring the baby food in another bowl?
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I don't have a hard time feeding her lunch & dinner but for breakfast I just wanted a few ideas because I don't want her eating eggs everyday.

I bought some nutragrain bars and she likes that :)
She loves yogurt but I realized I'm not supposed to give her the flavored ones? And just give her plain yogurt with fruit added for flavor? Is that right? I'm going to get some tomorrow when I head to the store.
I also gave her oatmeal and she ate that without fighting me.

Ready4Baby- YESS lol we tried that- She still spits it out. I've given up on it-
Heather- Thanks! Going to join :)
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I think the thing about yogurt with fruit is that they have lots of added sugar. But if you buy the plain yogurt and just add fresh berries or even thaw out or cook some frozen ones then that would be good to put in it.
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My Oldest LOVED baby food, he'd inhale any type of food.  Our little girl (Oct baby) is the opposite, it took us about 2 months to get her to eat anything from the jar/baby food.  We started with adding oatmeal to it because for her I think the issue was it was too liquid.

Another thing we've done with our oldest when we first started was give him a spoon to play with.  

When we feed our kids we also "play" with them to make eating a positive experience.  We'll make funny noises, and when they took a bite got excited, clap, and would go "Yummy!!"  etc.  

Also, with our girl who's picky we found that the organic stuff she likes better, and after tasting the different baby foods I'd agree.  When I feed her I'll even take a bite now and then to show her it's ok to eat.  Our son at 3 will also help her eat by taking bites (I think he eats more than she does, but that's good we need to use up the baby food anyway).

She's now 9 months and we've started looking for foods we can give her off our plates.  We've given her mashed potatoes, cut up pieces of a banana and watermelon, sweet patatos, rice.  She does seem to eat the "table" food better, and her dr said that's normal.
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