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What are you doing for exercise and wellness?

I was just wondering what everyone is doing for exercise and stuff during there pregnancy?  I didn't do anything during my first and regret it, so this time I'm determined to do more and was wondering what all your plans are.

I signed up for Prenatal Yoga once a week (Starts today!), and I've been weighing myself every other day (To help make sure I"m not gaining too much).  I've also been trying to make sure I'm eating right, and not too much.

Other than that, I've decided to have Chiropractic adjustments regularly as I've heard they can help with delivery and back pain.

Also, as soon as it gets warm out, we'll be going for regular walks as a family outside (although right now it's all snow covered).

So what are you all doing?  
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I go to the gym and working out on the elliptical machine or the treadmill. I also have to walk across campus for school and I'm a server at a resturant so I count both of those as working out as well. I was told by someone not to do crunches during early pregnancy though since it can cause you to bleed. I'm not sure how true this is but I think I'll just refrain from doing it.

I'm jealous that you are doing prenatal yoga! I want to do it SO bad! I need to look up a place here in AZ to do it.

I can't say that I've really been eating healthy since it seems all the foods I can actually get down is junk food. I need to eat a salad or I'm going to puff up like a balloon.  
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We have a YMCA membership and they offer it for 8 weeks for $35.  I know there are a few other places around that offer it, but with our membership, they are the cheapest!  The Y in our city is SO much better than the Y's by my work, etc.  We live in a small city, and I work in a big city, so I figured the Y's by work would be better, but I guess not!

With all that exercise hopefully that compensates your bad eating!  While pregnant I usually crave fruit and veggies so for me it's pretty easy to eat better (Although the Fried Chicken I craved for a while didn't help!  lol).

See last time, especially towards the end I ate way more then I needed so my stomach grew.  It didn't shrink till I had a miscarriage and now I'm determined to not eat too much for it to grow again!
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Oh my gosh...the last few days I've been eating non stop....it makes me feel less nauseous!! LOL I want anything creamy!!
I was working out regularly until 2 weeks after I got my bfp! For some reason I became deathly afraid of doing anything but I feel up to working out again. My plan is when the snow clears to start going for hikes through the trails that we have around our town. I have a boarder collie and he loves walking!! I plan to do that everyday and may have my friend join me when she can and my husband when he can. I think that'll be good because some of those trails are amazing and really give a good workout! I also plan on doing the yoga or zumba but I have to check what is available in my town b/c I'm not sure.
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Lol, yeah I've been eating more often this time too, it does help with feeling less nauseous!  

Yeah we have a lot of trails around our city too, And we have a State Sticker so we plan to go to all kinds of state parks this summer (We have a toddler so it's a GREAT way to wear him out too!).

Yoga is great for pregnancy!  I'm SO excited to actually be taking a class again rather than DVD's.  And as far as Zumba goes, have you done it before?  If not, make sure it's a beginners class.  Last summer my husband set up a Zumba class for me and some friends and family and after 10 min I was SO worn out!  
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I take a pilates class 3 times a week. I dread going because I'm so tired, but once I'm done with the class I feel great. I definitely want to keep my weight down during the first trimester, but with all my cravings for taco bell that might not happen ha. Oh well I guess if you should ever let yourself eat what you want it's when your pregnant!
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I am a zumba instructor and on the days that I don't dance my booty off, I go to the gym where I run on the eliptical, and treadmil. I also work my ab muscles since I want to make sure they stay strong throughout the pregnancy.

Zumba is a great work out, so if it's offered where you live, I highly suggest it, it's fun and you can put in as much or as little effort as you want/need to.  

Yoga is a GREAT workout, especially for pregnant women! Good for you!
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