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When are you telling people your Pregnant?

I'm 5 weeks today and my DH has been telling a few people. I personally have only told my mom and step dad (who in turn told my step grandma) and my very best friends. Other than that...I've told no one. My DH has told his grandma..his friends at work and his closest friends and basically spilled the beans to his dad yesterday!! I wanted to wait until  or 9 weeks but now that a couple parents know...then I would feel bad for the rest not knowing. So we planned to tell the rest on Valentines day....hence my last photo I posted. We are making it clear not to spread the word too far until maybe a bit later on....I can see how people are so excited...especially when some of them it'll be their first grandchild/great-grandchild! It just makes me nervous!! LOL

I also have 3 jobs....I work at a school so I may tell them right away...just in case I have some morning sickness going on. It's also my main job. I also work at a store and I may tell them in a few weeks...not right away. I also work with a family for their little boy and I may tell them a bit later on.
When you guys telling people or have you already told?
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I'm not telling anyone till I'm about 12 weeks. Maybe a little sooner. Now that I've seen the baby and I know there's a baby in there with a beating heart... I feel pretty good.
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I think that when you feel it's necessary to tell someone, you will. I told another dance instructor that I couldn't teach her class because I didn't want to get too much exercise in one day... so I explained why. I didn't want her to think I was just being flaky. So in a situation where it's necessary or best to tell someone, you should.

I did exactly what you did with my last pregnancy, I told a few people in my family and then everyone told everyone else... before too long, everyone knew! It's up to you when you decide to tell everyone. With my very first pregnancy, I told everyone right away... with the second, I waited a little longer, and with this one, I'm waiting till I'm through my first trimester. Let me tell you, it's HARD!!!
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I had a missed miscarriage, so I don't want to tell people until I feel more confidant in the whole pregnancy.  I lost my baby at 6 1/2 weeks, but didn't find out until at least 11 weeks.  DH has informed his family, well some of them.  I was over there one day right after we tested (or around then), and I guess I acted weird so they asked if I was pregnant again (even though I told them I would tell them when I'm ready).  I feel hurt that they didn't follow my wishes and don't feel comfortable going over and visiting them until I'm ready to actually tell them.

I had my dr's apt at about 6 weeks (a little before I believe), the apt went really well, however I'm still not ready to tell them.  I have my next apt when I'm just about 9 weeks, after that I'll be ready to tell family.  the apt after that I'll be about 13 weeks, that's when I plan on telling everyone else (work, other friends, etc).  

Since I had a missed miscarriage, I'm scared that if I'll tell everyone then the same thing will happen again.  It's stupid I know, but it's so stressfull to think about it.  I want to make sure I'm past that point and things are going good before I get everyone's hopes up again.

DH is very excited to tell everyone, and he's sorry he did, but he didn't want to lie to them either.  Since my apt I've started to calm down some, I still feel pregnant, but I feel better about the entire situtation knowing my numbers are good and the ultrasound looked like I was right on track.

Sorry if it's a bit long, just a sore spot for me at the moment.

With my first pregnancy I told everyone right after my first dr's apt, work knew by week 8 or 9 I think.  For the second one, we told family but that's it, I was scared to tell others and glad I didn't tell any more due to it ending in a miscarriage.  It's so hard to explain to people you lost the baby.  When it just happens it's the last thing you want to talk about to everyone a million different times.
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Hey ladies !
I started telling people i am close to. My theory is , i told the people that helped get me through my rough times and these are the people i told.
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I have told my grandparents and my father and mother and father in law. And two of my aunts and 5 cousins and 3 close friends. Plus the people at work becuase I work with kids and I need help keeping them off top of me. I am trying to wait till my first ultrasound so I can make some little cards saying you may not see the resemblance now but you will on Oct 1. But I dont know when my first ultrasound will be. My lab worka nd family history appointment is the 25th one day before 9 weeks. I am hopeing I get to see my baby before I am 12 weeks but I have to wait and see.
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This is my first pregnancy (5weeks) and we've told people. I'm kinda scared but I've also had a lot of people ask me if I'm pregnant. I have such a hard time lying to people I just can't help it. I havemy first u/s on the 23rd and I can't wait.
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I wanted to wait awhile, but I just can't hold things in!!  I have told 3 friends and we plan on telling our parents, but after that, I think we will wait a bit....I dont know if I can wait until 12 weeks but I am hoping for 10 or so....

I agree though that you need to tell people if you feel it's right...if they are close to you, you will want to rely on them when you need them, even if things don't go well!
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im about 8 weeks and only have told my closer friends so far

i havent told anybody in my family or bf's family because of past mc's...including one at 18 weeks....so we decided to tell the families in may...i will be almost 20 weeks by then but at least we will know the gender and be past the unfornate mc in the past
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