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baby boys & circumcision

I was wondering how many of us that are having boys are planning on circumcising them and why you made your decision? My DH is circumcised, so we had planned on having our son circumcised as well, as we feel its important for our son to look the same as his Dad. Also in my community, most people are circumcised.
I accidently came across a web site today that is against circumcision, which got me into looking further into it, and there are definately two sides to the coin about which is better. Now I'm scared whether or not I'm making the right decision.
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I am a strong believer that it is wrong. Not putting people down but it just doesn't seem right. They are born with that skin for a reason. They say it's more hygenic to circumcise but if you teach them how to take care of it then they should be clean.
I mentioned this to my DH who is not and he said he wished he was and I thought he was crazy. His whole reason was that many guys are and that it was embarrassing in change rooms at school or places because he wasn't and it generally looks "smaller". I still wouldn't do it to my child. I've also heard about children having it done and their skin fusing to the head of their penis and having to get yet another surgery to fix that problem too!
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My 3 year old son is circumcised, and when I have his little brother he will be too. I did it because of the medical reasons, and because I feel that this is best for my children.
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I know there is no right or wrong answer to this one, I was just curious about other peoples opinions just to help me confirm whether or not we are making the right decision with our son. Once the decision is made, it cannot be undone.
Honestly I have no idea how to keep it clean and DH wouldn't have a clue either.
A family friend of ours was circumcised but his son is not, and he has ran into all sorts of problems with not knowing anything about proper maintenance among other things, and really wishes he had his son done, but on the flip side of the coin I have a friend who had her son done and it had to be redone at a later age because the doctor didnt do the surgery properly.
So indeed it is a huge decision.
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I think that when the time comes, you will make the right decision for your family. Circumcision is very common these days, and most boys who are rarely have problems afterward. They also never remember having it don Even the most primitive people living in Australia circumcise their boys. Granted they do it when the boys turn 8 years old and WILL remember it, they still practice circumcision (although maybe for different reasons). I have 3 cousins who aren't circumcised and wished they were because they are embarrassed. One actually got an infection because he's not circumcised. I have no right or wrong view on this topic, just that it is each parents decision.

Ultimately it's your choice, and while it's a tough decision to make, do what will work best for YOUR family and what you feel is right.

For me, I'm undecided and haven't given it much thought till now... in a way, I am with Heather and believe that the skin is there for a reason;  at the same time, however, I know how much easier it is to keep clean when they are circumcised and how much more socially accepted it is amongst men. My husband is circumcised and he will probably want the same for our son...  
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I voted for our son who's now 2.  Honestly I didn't know anything about it and felt that that was more of my husbands choice as he's a man and understands the what and why much better than I do.  We had it done and I don't regret it one bit.
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If I were having a boy, we would not circumcise.  While it used to be more prevalent, many people are choosing not to circumcise these days.  The rates of circumcision vary from country to country, region to region, etc.  

It does require teaching your child to care properly for the area, but I imagine teaching proper hygiene is something you plan to do--regardless of this decision.  I would suggest reading the arguments for and against and becoming well informed before deciding.      
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His whole reason was that many guys are and that it was embarrassing in change rooms at school or places because he wasn't and it generally looks "smaller".

Yes Im in the same state you are.
Dh wasn't circumcised when he was younger. He got an infection due to Diabetics and had to have it done a couple of years ago. We always decided that it would be best that baby looked like daddy. But now I don't know. Now a days boy aren't and I think times will change and now boy that have been circumcised will be teased... Vise Versea....

I personally don't want to do it and wait till baby can make his own choice. Now doctor say that there is more complications with the surgery when they get older... So i don't know.
Baby is due on sept 12.... So unsure what to do....
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