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How is everyone feeling in their 3rd trimester?

Well it is here at last, the 3rd trimester!

Is anyone having trouble sleeping?  My little one is waking me at about 5 in the morning and I don't go back to sleep until hours later, if I can.

Heartburn is at a constant too.  Seems like just about everything I eat gives me heartburn.  If I am cleaning and stay hunkered over for too long I feel acid coming up.
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my baby isnt waking me up yet though active at night.. but last night i slept from 9 30 until 2am uninterupted so i was sooooooooo happy!   the two previous nights i slept from 9 30 until 12am... and then never fell back to sleep.. its common but i know im not sleeping because the clock was never more than 30 mins further along when I would check..

sleeping isnt working for sure..

I dont have heartburn but the acid reflux is too much... I have it every day, usually get rid of it to fall asleep by drinking milk before bed.. but pretty much from lunch time on and off I have it all day...  periodically i have spit up foamy stuff but that just happen recently ...

my abdominal muscles are also spreading which pretty much leaves my upper abs feeling like they are on fire and tender all the time.. sunday i had to ice them because it hurt too bad.. if i take it easy its not a constant pain at least...  but if i touch them, or bend down not from the legs, or twist weird its bad... discomfort again..

since entering the 3rd trimester i just have had a feeling of discomfort.. sometimes im not even sure what is causing it.. Today I feel better.. not as uncomfortable and not as full... like in the sense of bursting feeling...   on Monday, I also was straving all day i kept eating and couldnt get full.. i think the baby was having a growth spurt.
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so far so good. sleeping's not too bad. it's a bit uncomfortable at times cuz i feel like i'm getting so big! but apart from that, everything's pretty smooth. some days i'm up early, say around 6am and other days i feel totally fine sleeping in until 7 or 7:30!

luckily this time will be the same as last time regarding heartburn. i rarely had it during my last pregnancy. i think it only came up a few times towards the end and then disappeared. so far, i haven't noticed it.. no heartburn, acid reflux stuff, etc. let's hope it's that way... and if i must have it, that it'll just be a bit and towards the very end. :)
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I'm sleeping, but waking up about 4 or 5 times a night to roll over and once to pee. I get right back to sleep so it's really not bad at all. The reflux! OMG that has been so bad I take a zantac every night before bed or the acid rolls up and wakes me up at night. It's like choking. Zantac is approved for pregnant women and works wonders!

Major complaints... sore hips, feeling really tired again, super hot all the time.

Funny complaints... I'm so hungry all the time I could eat twice as much as my husband, I have gas that I have no control over, and the baby keeps sticking one foot out like he's trying to kick his way out of my belly. I'm not kidding it's freakish to watch and we've taken to calling him Chuck Norris.
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Yeah tiredness. I was passing out yesterday at 7 30pm yesterday.  I didnt even work yesterday and slept in. Im straving,  i cant eat enough to keep up. Its really hard.  I have meals then 30 mins i am hungry again.  I had 2 eggs 2 pieces of ww toast a banana and glass of oj this am and of20 mins later i was straving.  To top it off though, i lost weight this week so i clearly need to eat  More but how!
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Petite- you should continue to gain a pound a week until you get closer to 37 weeks and then the weight gain tappers off and you might even lose couple of pounds. Feed that baby and keep grazing on small meals and snacks all day.
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I feel pretty good, we were just in Zion's National Park and did a few hikes there.  Made me sleep better for sure :)  But I did come home to a broken air conditioner so that has been hard.  But it should be fixed with the next few days.  
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I agree with the eating aspect it is hard to keep up, I feel like I am constantly eating, but I am just snacking more.  The sleep thing is what is comical, I can't get comfortable.  The baby clearly will let me know when it is uncomfortable so I have to switch positions quite often.  Thank goodness for this forum gives me something to do at odd hours of the night! lol
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My weight seems to be going up again and im trying to stay on top of eating even when Im not hungry, I try to have  a nightly snack.. but then again it was only 1 night that i skipped my snack last week..

The last couple days I have felt really great...  Though my stomach at times is feeling really heavy but I think its when the babys weight is position mostly on one side.

Cant wait until my appointment next week to get an idea about my growth...  Some days i feel like I got bigger and other days, i feel smaller...  My hormones are all out of whack though...  Mood swings is not something I have had much but lately, I have been anxious about the size of my belly and really feeling needy in terms of affection from my partner..  It is like the reality of only have so much time alone together left is hitting me and it worries me because Im so used to it just being uss....  
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That is something I guess I forgot about because this is our 3rd child, you do get concerned about the time that you have with your loved one and it does take some adjustment time.  But it doesn't take long when you have a new little one to adore and discover.

At night I feel heavy, and during the morning time I don't feel as bloated.
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Hey Ladies,
I facing a new symptoms this week.. my belly is very hard :sss like a rock (is that normal?)
also my doctor said my belly is little bit smallish :sss what does that mean?? (he is not so worried but I am worried.

I have some pain that comes and goes..

If anyone experiences such symptoms, please share it.

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Well I am still having a tough time with this pregnancy. Acid reflux and nausea and vomiting are horrible for me right now! Baby #4 and this is the first I have really had to deal with these issues. Having lots of weird random pains but finally preterm labor has backed off. Bed rest stinks but I only have 9 weeks left to go before they induce. Sleep is always an issue for me and bathroom breaks are all the time lol. I think at this point I am just uncomfy and it seems like I notice every little thing. Headaches are still bad but 9 more weeks so I can handle it.

Congrats everyone...we are almost there :-)
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Oh yes my belly is tight too, the baby's bones are stronger now and they are beginning to fill out so your uterus is getting tighter and so is your belly.  You can also feel a tight belly when you begin having braxton hicks contractions.  They are normal though and just feel like your muscles are tightening up in your abdomen.
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