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Birth story

Warning: extremely long!

I came into the hospital at seven a.m. on the tenth for my induction. I was already sitting at a three and had been contracting semi regularly for several days. After several attempts we finally got my iv in place and some pitocen started.
After I reached a good contraction pattern, we turned off the pitocen so that I could move around more freely. That's when I got stuck! I was stuck at a five for hours and hours, making only tiny progress in effacement, so we decided to try breaking my water. Still no change and my contractions weren't hurting.
We turned the pitocen back on and I rested as my contractions picked up. I was able to relax between them for about an hour and I managed to get a bit of sleep. After that though, I couldn't relax fully between them and started getting the shakes and feeling sick (signs of transition!)
I asked for a check and decided with my midwife that I could turn the pit drip off again. I got into the tub to try to relax a bit longer. It didn't work for more than about two contractions! After a while of being in the tub, I started feeling the urge to push. I fought it and breathed through it until I knew it was serious.
I got out of the tub and asked my midwife if she needed to check me before I could push. Just gotta say, I love my midwife! She told me to do whatever my body directed me to do. I was very loud! I delivered on my hands and knees in only ten minutes.
My Alia was born at 1:14 a.m. in the 11th. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long. She is beautiful and tiny!

Unfortunately, my beautiful perfect birth was marred a bit. I couldn't stop bleeding even after my tear was stitched. My midwife tried everything she could think of and determined that I had a cervical laceration, which she couldn't repair. I ended up going to the operating room, getting a spinal, and having reparitive surgery on my cervix.
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I felt so much better so much quicker this time than with my almost two year old. I was up and walking around out of boredom and restlessness within twelve hours of my surgery. With my first daughter, I didn't voluntarily walk anywhere for a few weeks. Even then, it hurt!
I'm four weeks past delivery now and I feel awesome. I've already lost all the weight I put on and it's killing me to wait for my midwife's official permission to resume exercise. We've already had sex lol. My midwife just said I needed to wait until I stopped bleeding and felt up to it.
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Hope you heal fast.  Best of luck and congrats
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