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7 months pregnant and i found out my childs father was messaging his daughters mom basically about to cheat on me the text message said " my girls knocked out if u lived across the street i could eaisly sneak into your room" im SO HEARTBROKEN iv been nothing but good to him amd now all im hearing at my house is i told u so i told u so and it doesnt even seem like he cares to win me back i love him so much but its just not fair my heart is shattered :(
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Gabi,  that's probably how the mother of his first child feels too,  when you came along and he was gone.    What goes around comes around,  sadly.

I'm sorry that your family isn't being more supportive.  It sounds like they saw him for what he is,  and tried to warn you.  But love is blind,  as they say.

If he doesn't seem like he's trying to win you back,  leave.  You can either suffer huge heartbreak now,  or in a few months,  and again and again with him.  

He's a grown man.  What is he doing trying to sneak into some girl's room anyway?  

Best wishes.  This is really hard,   and it will be hard for a long time,  and then it'll get better.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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How can you say what goes around comes around if he was separated from the other woman when they got together. So two people break up but because they have a child neither of them should date again? .........if he's not trying to keep you then leave honey it will be a lot less stressful it may not seem like it but in the end you'll just keep going threw the same thing over and over its not worth it
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He had been seperated with her for four years his daughters mom is an exotice dancer i never questioned his loyalty untill now which is why im heartbroken my parents just dont like him bcuz hes 5 years older then me we had been together for over a year before i got pregnant
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The father of my child had TWO girls :\ I gave him absolutely EVERYTHING and he was so ungrateful and neglectful to me and his daughter and emotionally abusive. But I loved him. So I put up with it for the entire pregnancy and almost 6 months after.

The final straw was when he was messaging his friends telling them he wasn't sure he wanted to be with me anymore despite saying something entirely different to my face. Suddenly he was telling me he "wasn't built to be a provider" and walked out. I became a single mom.

My family was kind of like yours. They knew he was sh*t and my mom would lecture me constantly about his behavior but I didn't want to believe it. I tried SO HARD but once he left, it felt like a weight was lifted. It hurt so much, but felt better all at once. I still remember the ache of my daughter and I not being good enough for him and not understanding why.

But I also recognized that I, and especially Lizzy, deserve better. I would never in a million years go back to him.

Hopefully your family will be like mine. Sometimes my mom can be heartless in that she would just tell me to "get over myself" instead of letting me grieve and vent (I recommend grieving, you need and deserve it!) but when it comes to actually supporting me as a single mom and my life, my family has been wonderful!
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Your story is alot similar to mine and im glad u shared it it makes me feel like im not the first going through this
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