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Going through complete hell ..

My daughter will be 1 month & a half tomorrow & her grandma (my boyfriends) mother has still not seen her & wants absolutely nothing to do with her :( ..  She doesn't believe that she's my boyfriends baby & yesterday even told him that "when you get the DNA test results back .. You're going to see that she's not yours" ..  I did do a DDC paternity test yesterday with my boyfriend & my daughter & we have mailed it ..  
My whole pregnancy I went through this ******** & still even though she's a month old ..  It's just getting ridiculous & sad ..  
Now I'm just going to wait until the results come back ..  & truth be told I have been a little nervous if I did do something when I was drunk the one night I went out on a girls night but my friends told me that I did absolutely nothing wrong & I don't believe I would cheat on him either ..  Even if I was extremely intoxicated.
The girls night out was Feb 8th , I ended up having my period for valentines day .. So there's no way I could have cheated & got pregnant early in that month right?
It would have been after my period was done?
& also ..  Can DDC mess up you're results?  
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Also my due date was the 20th / 21st of November.
I had my daughter on the 16th.
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Either you cheated or you didnt. I mean if there is another possibility then maybe his mom has reason to question your child. But if you are 100% positive then don't worry.
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Your doctor should have given you a conception date or week.. what was it? How long does it take to get the results back?
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The doc never gave me a conception date just due date which was the 20th -21st.
& It takes 5-7 buisness days & then 2 days to review the DNA.
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Ugh, I think it is that 'not knowing for sure' if you might have gotten pregnant by someone else that kind of causes a lot of anxiety for you, I'm sure.  Well, after the DNA test, that lays to rest any questions.  Does he know you aren't totally sure?  Let me just say that if you  (or anyone) drinks so much that you aren't sure if you have sex with someone, drinking should be 100 percent off your list of things to do.  That is unsafe and how quickly a drunken decision can derail your life is definitely something to consider.  Being totally out of it means someone could hurt you, you could get an std, your partner could leave you, etc.  You know all this and I'm sure that this experience has you thinking.

You've worked through some issues with your boyfriend based on old posts and that is good.  This is the final step to solidifying everything and then you just move forward.  Hopefully his mother will just pipe down once the results are in.  but I'm sure this has left a bad taste in your mouth.  That's hard to get over.  Wishing you all the best.  Let us know the results, okay??

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