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Long story..

So my mom is a concern to me. I'm her only child and this is the first she'll be a grandma. But she's NOWHERE near ready to be a grandma!! She divorced my stepdad, the man who raised me, for suspicion of him just watching porn, after they'd been married for 15 years. Abandoned our house, left him with the mortgage and all the bills and all 5 cats and 3 of our dogs!! Turns out she just so happened to meet this new guy who she had a crush on in high school, and started dating him before their divorce was even final! Within the first few months she moved in with him too. I don't have a Facebook, but I've had customers at the bar (I'm a bartender) ask me if my mom and this guy are still together because the stuff he posts on Facebook is very inappropriate. So that's nice. He has some money and provides for her, I'm sure that's the only reason she's with him. But I do NOT want my daughter (especially my first baby!!) going over to his house!! He's a perv! He's called me a "hottie" before too. Just joking around.. but still. Gross. Oh, I forgot to add the best part. I found out my mom also always wears long sleeves to hide the tattoo of his name in a heart on her arm!!! She's always hated tattoos. I just don't understand her and I'm soo frustrated and annoyed and wish she'd just grow up. She's not ready to be a grandma. Grandmas don't walk around in clothes made for preteens and wear tight leggings and weigh 100 pounds and have tattoos. And why should I have my child get to know her boyfriend despite what he's said/done, when he's not even family??? They're not married. Not engaged. Sorry I just needed to vent, feel free to comment if you'd like. Thanks
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Forgot to add.. after the divorce and she had no mortgage or utilities to pay, she would ask me for money on almost a weekly basis. Even though I have a baby on the way and just bought my first house at age 24. But she had enough to buy a newer convertible 2-door mustang that my daughter will not be going in (she texts and drives like a teen too, and imagine if they were in a wreck.. car barely has a back seat..). So I wonder, did I pay for this tattoo? Haha, probably. Also, my stepdad took one of our three dogs (he took three cats and I took one, gave on to a cousin), and I took one cat one dog too. My took just one dog, and a few months later she just said she "found another home" for her dog. Yet no one can ever go see it. No one has heard anything about it since, and if you bring it up she just changes the subject. And that dog used to be her BABY, she just abandoned it..
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No don't have your child near that foolishness
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As a mom of 3 im 19 and even though thats your mom some stuff you have to let go for the better of your child and kids not sayin dont let her see your baby but till she becomes responsible enough to be trusted the baby can't be around her alone
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Thanks, I agree with you.. I just confronted her today about my concerns and she just acted like nothing is wrong. :(
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